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Regression analysis
Working Paper
The effects of taxation on income inequality in sub-Saharan Africa

This paper investigates the effects of taxation on income inequality in an unbalanced panel of 45 countries in sub-Saharan Africa over the period 1980–2018...

Income inequality Taxation Regression analysis
Working Paper
Unravelling Africa’s raw material footprints and their drivers

This paper applies an environmentally extended input–output analysis, leveraging the Eora database, to estimate the global raw material footprints of 51 African nations from 1995 to 2015...

Ecological footprint Input–output Raw materials
Working Paper
The recentered influence function and unidimensional poverty measurement

I discuss the applicability of the recentered influence function (RIF) to the analysis of poverty differentials between distributions (regression-based decomposition into composition and income structure effects)...

Poverty Recentered influence function Decomposition
Working Paper
Digital technology and productivity of informal enterprises: Empirical evidence from Nigeria

The lingering policy dilemma facing many governments in sub-Saharan Africa in recent years is what can be done in the short to medium term to boost the output and incomes of individuals and enterprises in the informal sector, given the size and persi...

Information technology Informal sector Productivity
Working Paper
Gender differences in formal wage employment in urban Tanzania

This paper uses the latest Tanzania labour force survey—the Integrated Labour Force Survey—and a censored bivariate probit model to analyse gender differences in labour force participation and gender bias in formal wage employment in urba...

Labour force participation Formal Regression analysis
Working Paper
The influence of household composition on leisure time in South Africa: A gender comparison

This study considers how household composition influences the leisure time of men and women in South Africa, using the South African 2010 Time Use Survey...

leisure household composition Gender inequality
Working Paper
Vulnerable employment of Egyptian, Jordanian, and Tunisian youth: Trends and determinants

Youths in the Middle East and North Africa face the highest unemployment rates in the world. Those who are employed are pushed to accept informal sector jobs that are insecure, unsafe, and lack non-wage benefits...

Vulnerable employment Informality Youth unemployment
Working Paper
Do bigger health budgets cushion pandemics?: An empirical test of COVID-19 deaths across the world

How has government healthcare spending prepared countries for tackling the COVID-19 pandemic? Arguably, spending is the primary policy tool of governments in providing effective health...

COVID-19 Healthcare Healthcare expenditure
Working Paper
Informal–formal workers' transition in Nigeria: A livelihood analysis

This study evaluates the effects of the informal sector on Nigerian workers’ livelihoods and analyses workers’ transitions within the informal sector and between informal and formal employment...

Regression analysis Employment Formal and informal
Research Brief
Firms with high-growth episodes in South Africa: Are they persistently high-growth firms?

The analysis of firm growth has been a topic of consistent economic interest as a growing body of literature has lent support to the possibility that the majority of growth and new employment creation is the result of a small sub-sector of high-growt...

Firm growth High-growth firms Regression analysis
Journal Article
Agricultural extension, intra-household allocation and malaria

Can agricultural development programs improve health-related outcomes? We exploit a spatial discontinuity in the coverage of a large-scale agricultural extensionprogram in Uganda to causally identify its effects on malaria...

Administrative law Agriculture Economic development
Working Paper
On the persistence of growth for South African firms

The growth of firms has been shown to have a meaningful impact on the health of firms and the economy in general...

Firm growth High-growth firms Regression analysis
Income generation and malaria in Uganda

Several large-scale efforts have been made to combat malaria in the last decade under the Millennium Development Goals, and while these have led to a rapid decline in cases, malaria continues to exact a heavy toll on sub-Saharan Africa, both in terms...

Administrative law Agriculture Economic development
Working Paper
Effect of girls’ secondary school stipend on completed schooling, age at marriage, and age at first birth: Evidence from Bangladesh

There are many studies on the effects of conditional cash transfer programmes on enrolment, productivity and poverty reduction but very few on causal effects on ages at marriage and first birth. And none of them considers the convergence effect...

Education Regression analysis Rural development
Diversity debit vs. diversity dividend: Challenging the conventional wisdom

It is widely accepted in recent work in economics and political science that ethnic diversity has a negative impact on the provision of public goods such as health and education...

Education Health Public goods
Journal Article
Ethnic Heterogeneity and Public Goods Provision in Zambia: Evidence of a Subnational “Diversity Dividend”

The “diversity debit” hypothesis – that ethnic diversity has a negative impact on social, economic, and political outcomes – has been widely accepted in the literature...

Education Health Public goods
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