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Returns to education
Working Paper
Returns to education in self-employment in India: A comparison across different selection models

This study focuses on estimating the returns to education in non-farm self-employed businesses in the Indian context, using nationwide individual- and household-level data provided by the India Human Development Survey for the year 2011/12...

double-selection model endogeneity Returns to education
Working Paper
Revisiting the returns to education during rapid structural and rural transformation in Thailand: A regression discontinuity approach

This paper estimates returns to schooling in Thailand, applying a regression discontinuity approach to the change in the compulsory schooling law in 1978...

Returns to education Mincer equation ability bias
Working Paper
The evolution of private returns to education during post-conflict transformation: Evidence from Mozambique

This paper estimates how private returns to education have evolved in the context of postconflict transformation in Mozambique...

Returns to education Workforce Employment
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