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To Aid or Not to Aid?: The Case of Rwanda, DFID, and the Good Aid Debate

Omar Shahabudin McDoom What should donors do when confronted with regimes that violate important normative standards of state behavior and commit human rights abuses, war crimes or other grave ethical transgressions?...

Agriculture Criminal law Democracy
Journal Article
From Bilateral Trade to Multilateral Pressure: A Scenario of European Union Relations with Sudan

This paper investigates the economic consequences of a scenario in which the European Union (EU) imposes economic sanctions on Sudan...

International economic relations International trade Sanctions
Book Chapter
Enforcing Peace Agreements in Fragile States through Commitment Technologies

From the book: Fragile States

Conflict management Dispute resolution Sanctions
Working Paper
Enforcing Peace Agreements through Commitment Technologies

This paper models the instability of peace agreements, motivated by the empirical regularity with which peace agreements tend to break down following civil war...

Conflict management Dispute resolution Sanctions
Book Chapter
Growth, Capital Accumulation, and Economic Reform in South Africa

From the book: Resource Abundance and Economic Development

Economic growth Economic policy Natural resources
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