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Working Paper
Savings transition in Asia: Unity in diversity

This paper examines the national savings behaviour in the process of economic growth through a comparative analysis of countries in developing Asia from a historical perspective...

Saving Life cycle Export-led growth
Working Paper
Determinants of domestic savings in Tanzania: Empirical evidence

This paper examines trends and determinants of gross domestic savings in Tanzania using data for the period 1990–2020. The autoregressive distributed lag approach is employed to empirically analyse the short-run and long-run relationships...

Domestic savings Saving Tanzania
Working Paper
Public savings in Africa: Do sovereign wealth funds serve development?

Do sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) contribute to Africa’s development? This paper assesses the objectives of SWFs (fiscal stabilization, productive investment, intergenerational saving) and discusses alternatives...

Saving Sovereign wealth funds Fiscal policy
Working Paper
Fintech in sub-Saharan Africa

This paper traces the development of fintech in sub-Saharan Africa, its evolution over time, and the unfolding benefits attained at each stage of its adoption and market evolution...

Fintech Financial inclusion Saving
Working Paper
Pension funds in sub-Saharan Africa

The population structure the world over is going through a demographic shift, and the elderly proportion is projected to increase with population growth...

Elderly care Pensions Saving
Working Paper
Financial liberalization and its implications for private savings in sub-Saharan Africa

This paper employs data from 103 developing countries between 1981 and 2012 to examine the determinants of private savings in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), with a focus on the effect of financial liberalization on private savings...

Developing countries Financial liberalization Saving
Working Paper
Effects of productivity growth on domestic savings across countries: Disentangling the roles of trend and cycle

Resource mobilization continues to be an important policy challenge for developing economies, raising questions as to what determines differences in saving behaviour across countries...

Saving Productivity Growth
The domestic savings shortfall in developing countries project 2020 search photo The domestic savings shortfall in developing countries – what can be done about it?

Theme: Transforming states

Domestic savings Domestic revenue mobilization Economic growth
Personal assets from a global perspective

Theme: 2004-05

The project aims to assemble data about the distribution and composition of personal assets in developing, transition, and developed countries and to study the implications of personal asset-holding for economic development. The most important asset...

Poverty Inequality and Well-being Personal wealth
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