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Social conflict
A world of protest

That we are living in an era of popular protest is undeniable. A quick survey of headlines from around the world — or better yet, your social media feed — reveals countless uprisings unfolding in real time...

Social conflict Good governance Social movement
WIDER Annual Lecture by President Martti Ahtisaari

View the WIDER Annual Lecture on Egalitarian Principles.

Democratization Social conflict Equality and inequality
Contributors - AL17

Short biographies of those who contributed to the event.

Democratization Social conflict Equality and inequality
Photos - AL17

Selection of images from the WIDER Annual Lecture 17.

Democratization Social conflict Equality and inequality
Journal Article
Transitional Justice, Gender Programming, and the UNSCR 1325: African Context and the Case of Kenya

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid for Gender Equality and Development

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid Justice, Administration of
Working Paper
Gender bias in education during conflict: Evidence from Assam

Using a large-scale novel panel dataset (2005–14) on schools from the Indian state of Assam, we test for the impact of violent conflict on female students’ enrollment rates...

Education Equality and inequality Human capital
Working Paper
The inequality-resource curse of conflict: Heterogeneous effects of mineral deposit discoveries

Despite a sizeable literature, there is no consensus as to whether and how mineral resources are linked to conflict...

Ethnic relations Nonrenewable natural resources Social conflict
Journal Article
Development assistance and the lasting legacies of rebellion in Burundi and Rwanda

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid to Support Fragile States

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development Social conflict
Beyond the Crisis of the African University - Why Institutions Matter

I recently returned from a week at the University of Western Cape (UWC) in South Africa, speaking at a conference honouring Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu who had been Chancellor of the university for 25 years—and had helped to encourage and defen...

Higher education Public expenditures Structural adjustment (Economic policy)
The Future of Development – Aid and Beyond

Just over a year ago, in March 2014, UNU-WIDER published a report entitled: What do we know about aid as we approach 2015?...

Biodiversity conservation Children Climate change
Book Chapter
Who’s the Alien? :: Xenophobia in post-Apartheid South Africa

In May 2008, South Africa became the theatre of widespread violent attacks against undesirable ‘outsiders’. Over 60 were killed, hundreds wounded, and tens of thousands displaced...

Econometric models (Economic development) Ethnic relations Poverty
Working Paper
Local Agency, Development Assistance and the Legacies of Rebellion in Burundi and Rwanda

Rwanda and Burundi have both emerged from civil wars over the past 20 years and foreign donors have provided significant contributions to post-conflict reconstruction and development in the two countries...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development Social conflict
Journal Article
Trees, Tenure and Conflict: Rubber in Colonial Benin

Part of Journal Special Issue Land and Property Rights

Agricultural industries Land reform Land tenure
Journal Article
Styles of Policing and Economic Development in African States

Part of Journal Special Issue Aiding Government Effectiveness in Developing Countries

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
Journal Article
The economics of counterinsurgency: Some evidence from Andhra Pradesh

Present in India since the 1960s, the Naxalite insurgency has steadily spread across the country...

Conflict management Construction industries Credit
Position Paper
Aid, Governance and Fragility

This position paper on Aid, Governance, and Fragility was prepared by UNUWIDER under the ReCom programme of Research (Re) and Communication (Com) on foreign aid...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Institutional economics Social conflict
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