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Social mobility
Changing the lives of very young children: Evidence from Rwanda

Globally, around 250 million children under the age of five do not meet key development milestones, which reduces their ability to reach their full potential...

Social mobility Human capital Cognitive ability
Working Paper
Social mobility and inequality between groups

The relationship between social mobility and inequality is well studied in the literature, but far greater attention has been paid to ‘vertical’ than to ‘horizontal’ inequality...

Social mobility Horizontal inequality Ethnic inequality
Journal Article
The individual poverty incidence of growth

THIS ARTICLE IS ON EARLY VIEW. The canonical approach to analyse the poverty impact of growth is based on the comparison of poverty before and after growth...

income mobility Poverty Dynamics Pro-poor
Working Paper
Social mobility in China: A case study of a quantitative sociological approach to social mobility research in the Global South

This study analyses intergenerational class mobility in China as a case study of a quantitative sociological approach to social mobility research in the Global South...

Social mobility Gender log-linear models
Working Paper
Concepts of social mobility

This paper has two purposes. The first is to define clearly different social mobility concepts and components. The second is to embed these concepts and components into a larger context of social mobility research...

Social mobility economic mobility macromobility
Working Paper
Will urbanization raise social mobility in the South, replicating the economic history of the West?

As developing countries rapidly urbanize, the number of people living in ‘slums’—neighbourhoods lacking property rights and basic services—continues to increase...

Informality Slums Social mobility
Working Paper
Structural poverty dynamics in urban South Africa: A mixed-methods investigation

This paper examines the extent and determinants of structural poverty dynamics in South Africa, focusing on the socio-economically disadvantaged urban African population...

Poverty Social mobility livelihoods
Working Paper
Economic approach to intergenerational mobility: Measures, methods, and challenges in developing countries

This paper provides a critical survey and synthesis of the recent economic literature on intergenerational mobility in developing countries, with a focus on data and methodological challenges...

Social mobility Intergenerational elasticity Developing countries
Working Paper
Human capital and social mobility in low- and middle-income countries

Parental human capital and endowments may affect children’s human capital, which in turn may affect children’s earning and occupations and thus affect social mobility...

Social mobility Human capital Cognitive ability
Project workshop
Social mobility Social mobility in developing countries — concepts, methods, and determinants
5 September 20196 September 2019
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B , Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Working Paper
The individual poverty incidence of growth

The canonical approach to analysing the poverty impact of growth is based on the comparison of poverty before and after growth...

income mobility Poverty Dynamics Pro-poor
Press release - Professor Kunal Sen starts as the director of UNU-WIDER

‘Economic transformation needs to be accompanied by political and social transformations if we are to see drastic increases in human wellbeing’

SDGs Transformation Informality
Photo: Brett Davies Social mobility in the Global South – concepts, measures, and determinants

Theme: Transforming societies

Social mobility intergenerational inequality equality of opportunity
Working Paper
Return migration and socioeconomic mobility in MENA: Evidence from labour market panel surveys

This study examines the effects of cross-border return migration on intertemporal and intergenerational transmission of socio-economic status across six new harmonized surveys from three Arab countries: Egypt (1998, 2006, 2012), Jordan (2010, 2016) a...

Return migration Social mobility MENA
The politics of group-based inequalities - measurement, implications, and possibilities for change

Theme: Inclusion

Inclusion Inequality Horizontal inequality
Disadvantaged groups and social mobility

Theme: Inclusion

This project has three main objectives in line with UNU-WIDER’s tradition in the area of inclusion and horizontal inequality: (1) to shed further light on the extent to which inequalities run along ethnic, gender, and other communal lines; (2...

Disadvantaged groups Social mobility Group-based inequality
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