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Sovereign wealth funds
Working Paper
Public savings in Africa: Do sovereign wealth funds serve development?

Do sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) contribute to Africa’s development? This paper assesses the objectives of SWFs (fiscal stabilization, productive investment, intergenerational saving) and discusses alternatives...

Saving Sovereign wealth funds Fiscal policy
Working Paper
Unofficial sovereign wealth funds and duration in power in Africa

This paper argues that in weak states, leaders whose hold on power is secured by the public fortune have turned to the use of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), especially unofficial SWFs, to cement their hold on power...

Autonomy Natural resources political survival
Working Paper
The copper sector, fiscal rules, and stabilization funds in Chile: Scope and limits

Historically, Chile has been an economy dominated by mineral and agro-industrial products and subject to frequent external shocks particularly in copper prices...

Fiscal policy Natural resources Sovereign wealth funds
Will Norway’s model of Sovereign Wealth Fund work in Tanzania?: A reality check

Several countries in Africa – including Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Uganda - have recently discovered large oil and gas or other mineral resources...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Fiscal policy Mineral industries
Research Brief
The Role of ODA in Infrastructure Financing

It has long been recognized that the creation of an adequate infrastructure is vital for creating sustainable growth and reducing poverty in Africa...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Finance Infrastructure (Economics)
Research Brief
How to Spend It?

A donor dilemma: aid effectiveness in fragile states. Donors are often faced with the dilemma that those countries most in need of aid are often those least likely to spend it effectively...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Public expenditures Public welfare
Working Paper
Aid and Infrastructure Financing: Emerging Challenges with a Focus on Africa

The central argument of this study is that given the magnitude of the investment in infrastructure that is required, especially in Africa, the role of foreign aid in the future should be distinctly different...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Finance Infrastructure (Economics)
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