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Working Paper
Spillovers from extractive industries

Extractive industries form an important part of the economy for many developing countries, but their impact on growth and welfare remains understudied...

Mining South Africa Spillovers
Working Paper
The impact of centralized bargaining on spillovers and the wage structure in monopsonistic labour markets

How does centralized bargaining affect the broader wage structure? And what does this tell us about the (non-)competitive dynamics of such labour markets?...

Wages Collective bargaining Monopsony
Working Paper
Informal employment or informal firms? Regulatory enforcement and the transformation of the informal sector

While there is general agreement that regulatory avoidance is an important part of firms’ decisions to produce in the informal sector, there is much less agreement on how regulation and enforcement affect firms’ decisions on, inter alia, ...

Informal sector Regulation Spillovers
Research Brief
Turnin’ it up a notch: Can foreign direct investment help South Africa increase the complexity of its exports?

Since the end of apartheid, South Africa’s economic challenges have disrupted efforts to establish a society of inclusive growth and prosperity...

Economic complexity Foreign Direct Investment FDI
Working Paper
Turnin’ it up a notch: how spillovers from foreign direct investment boost the complexity of South Africa’s exports

Countries’ economic complexity, and the associated diversification and sophistication of their exports, is a key determinant of economic growth...

Economic complexity Foreign Direct Investment FDI
Working Paper
Worker mobility and productivity spillovers: An emerging market perspective

This paper uses matched employer-employee data from South Africa to examine the extent to which technology transfers between firms through the hiring of workers...

Technology transfer Linked employer-employee data Spillovers
Journal Article
The transmission of socially responsible behaviour through international trade

We investigate the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices of domestic Vietnamese firms and their engagement with foreign markets...

Corporate social responsibility Spillovers International trade
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