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Journal Article
Clientelistic politics and pro-poor targeting: Rules versus discretionary budgets

Part of Journal Special Issue Clientelist Politics and Development

Clientelism Governance Targeting
Working Paper
Social protection floor gaps and pandemic relief measures: a case for universalism?: Exploring scalability through targeted versus universalist approaches

With the expansion of social protection measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, considerations both old and new have surfaced regarding targeted versus universalist approaches...

Crisis Social protection Targeting
Working Paper
Peruvian response to COVID-19 pandemic: The role of evidence-based governance and structural violence

Why does a state like Peru, dedicated to fulfilling development goals and sustained good macroeconomic performance, appear incapable of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?...

Maternal mortality Targeting COVID-19
Working Paper
Clientelistic politics and pro-poor targeting: Rules versus discretionary budgets

Past research has provided evidence of clientelistic politics in delivery of programme benefits by local governments, or gram panchayats (GPs), and manipulation of GP programme budgets by legislators and elected officials at upper tiers in West Benga...

Clientelism Governance Targeting
Working Paper
Optimal transfers with distribution regressions: An application to Egypt at the dawn of the XXIst century

Social programmes for poverty alleviation involve eligibility rules and transfer rules that often proxy-means tests. We propose to specify the estimator in connection with the poverty alleviation problem...

Targeting Poverty Optimizing estimator
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