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Trade liberalization
UNU-WIDER at International Economic Association World Congress

UNU-WIDER’s research project 'The changing nature of work and inequality' will have a special live session at the IEA World Congress Indonesia 2021. Finn Tarp and Miguel Niño-Zarazúa will also present on ‘The Role of Redistribution in the Inequality...

5 July 2021
Online, United States
Past event
Working Paper
Roots of dissent: Trade liberalization and the rise of populism in Brazil

This paper investigates the long-term impact of economic shocks on populism, by exploiting a natural experiment created by the trade liberalization process implemented in Brazil between 1990 and 1995...

Trade liberalization Populism Austerity
Working Paper
Trade liberalization and South African manufacturing: Looking back with data

This paper provides a retrospective assessment of the effects of trade policies on South African manufacturing since the transition to democracy, examining the differences and commonalities in the views of economists in favour of and against an accel...

Trade policy Manufacturing Trade liberalization
Working Paper
Tax revenue implications of trade liberalization in low-income countries

Liberalizing trade has proven highly challenging for some low-income countries, as a large share of their tax extraction derives from trade taxation...

Trade liberalization Political regimes Taxation
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