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Press Release: New UN study reveals limited impact of tax and social protection policies in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa Africa SOUTHMOD Tax-benefit microsimulation
Policy seminar
Assessing Presumptive Tax Policy in Uganda

This online event will be organized to introduce the results of an assessment of presumptive tax policy in Uganda. The seminar will cover effect estimates of Uganda's recent presumptive tax reform and recommendations for amending the tax regime...

26 August 2021
Online, Kampala, Uganda
Past event
Research Brief
Simplifying the tax filing of small businesses in Uganda: Does it make a difference? Tax compliance Small businesses Uganda
Working Paper
The effects of personal income tax reform on employees’ taxable income in Uganda

We evaluate a major personal income tax reform in Uganda that came into effect in 2012–13. The reform increased the tax-free lower threshold, increased tax rates for higher incomes, and introduced an additional highest tax band...

Personal income tax Uganda Administrative data
Maria Jouste on Tax for Development

Maria Jouste , UNU-WIDER Research Associate, will give a presentation at the Tax for Development webinar series on 17 November 2020 (CET). The webinar series is hosted by Chr. Michelsen Institute . The topic of Jouste's presentation will be...

17 November 2020
Past event
Maria Jouste at the North East Universities Development Consortium

Maria Jouste , UNU-WIDER Research Associate, will present a research paper at the North East Universities Development Consortium on 6 November 2020. The virtual conference, hosted by Dartmouth College , will be held 6-7 November (EST). The topic of...

6 November 2020
Past event
Working Paper
An analysis of the distributional impact of excise duty in Uganda using a tax-benefit microsimulation model

The distributional analysis of consumption taxes is useful for establishing the welfare impact of tax policy. This paper uses the UGAMOD microsimulation model to establish the tax incidence and welfare impact of excise duty in Uganda...

Excise duty Microsimulation Poverty
Markus Jäntti on income distribution in Uganda – a tax register-based assessment

Markus Jäntti will present at the WIDER Seminar Series on 27 February Abstract - Income distribution in Uganda – a tax register-based assessment Uganda has extensive register data on taxable income and taxes paid going back a decade or so...

27 February 2020
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
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