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Book Chapter
Making marriages last: Trust is good, but credible information is better

From the book: Towards Gender Equity in Development

HIV prevention Field experiment Subjective beliefs
Working Paper
Making marriages last: trust is good, but credible information is better

In high HIV-prevalence contexts, marriage can lead to significant risks through spousal behaviours. Yet, individuals cannot rely on their spouse to reveal their HIV status...

HIV prevention Field experiment Subjective beliefs
Working Paper
Shadow prices for a small open economy under uncertainty: Which expected values are valid

This paper re-examines the validity of using expected values to evaluate the social profitability of public investments under uncertainty...

Uncertainty Expected values Shadow prices
Working Paper
Project appraisal: A revival is long overdue

This paper makes the case for the systematic appraisal of public sector projects using shadow prices as the signals of social scarcities...

Cost-benefit analysis Shadow prices Uncertainty
Research Brief
Future climate scenarios for South Africa: The importance of mitigating emissions

More intense climate changes are expected in South Africa if GHG emissions are not constrained. Increased GHG emissions are likely to result in increases in average annual surface temperatures and higher evaporation rates...

Climate change Runoff Streamflow
Research Brief
Climate change effects on irrigation demand and crop yields in South Africa

The demand for irrigation is likely to increase in South Africa as a result of increased temperatures and evaporation rates. Rain-fed agricultural crops are likely to experience a decline in average annual yields...

Climate change Runoff Streamflow
Research Brief
Potential impacts of climate change on national water supply in South Africa

Climate change risks for run-off and irrigation demand vary significantly across South Africa, with some regions expected to experience increased drying and others flooding Smaller impacts on water resources by 2050 are expected if global emissions a...

Climate change Economic development Economic growth
Working Paper
Sell the oil deposits!: A financial proposal to keep the oil underground in the Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

The Yasuni National Park is a protected area located in the Amazon region of Ecuador and is recognized as one of the most biodiverse regions in the world...

Nonrenewable natural resources Uncertainty
Journal Article
An Uncertainty Approach to Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on the Zambezi River Basin

Part of Journal Special Issue Climate Change and the Zambezi River Valley

Climatic changes Uncertainty Water
Working Paper
An Uncertainty Approach to Modelling Climate Change Risk in South Africa

This study represents the first attempt at an integrated approach to assessing the potential impacts of climate change on the national economy of South Africa via a number of (but not necessarily all) impact channels...

Climatic changes Economic development Economic growth
Working Paper
Could Free Trade Alleviate Effects of Climate Change?: a Worldwide Analysis with Emphasis on Morocco and Turkey

This paper examines the interaction of globalization through trade liberalization and climate change, globally with a special focus on Morocco and Turkey...

Working Paper
Morocco’s Unique Situation in the Climate Change Arena: An Analysis of Climate Forecasts and their Link to Agriculture

Alterations in rainfall patterns and increasing temperatures due to climate change will most likely translate into yield reductions in desirable crops...

Agriculture Climatic changes Global warming
Working Paper
Climate Change Impacts on Moroccan Agriculture and the Whole Economy: An Analysis of the Impacts of the Plan Maroc Vert in Morocco

The paper provides estimates of economic impacts of climate change, compares these with historical impacts of drought spells, and estimates the extent to which the current Moroccan agricultural development and investment strategy, the Plan Maroc Vert...

Agriculture and state Climatic changes Economic aspects (Environment)
Journal Article
Poverty, Vulnerability, and Reference-Dependent Utility

Part of Journal Special Issue Poverty, Development, and Behavioral Economics

Poverty Risk management Uncertainty
Working Paper
Poverty, Vulnerability, and Reference Dependent Utility

In this paper we argue that the recent evidence on individuals’ decision making is of high relevance for the measurement of poverty when switching from a static and certain to a dynamic and uncertain framework...

Microeconomics Measurement (Poverty) Uncertainty
Research Brief
The Cost of Climate Change in Vietnam

Over the period 2007–50 climate change is predicted to cause Vietnam’s annual GDP growth rate to fall between 0.02 and 0.10 percentage points...

Agriculture Climatic changes Uncertainty
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