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Digital platforms and job search: Experimental evidence from Mozambique

Digital technologies can be deployed to improve job search, but their effectiveness in practice is disrupted...

Informality Job search Unemployment
Working Paper
Labour market effects of digital matching platforms: Experimental evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Can digital labour market platforms reduce search frictions in either formal or informal labour markets?...

Digital labour platforms Job search Search frictions
Technical Note
On-model adjustment of incomes during COVID-19 in SOUTHMOD tax-benefit microsimulation models

This note describes methods to derive employment-to-unemployment transition shares across industries during the COVID-19 pandemic and to use these shares in SOUTHMOD tax-benefit microsimulation models to adjust relevant labour market variables...

COVID-19 Shocks Unemployment
Background Note
Expanding a wage subsidy during lockdown

Introduction The South African youth wage subsidy started in 2014 to increase employment and create jobs for low-wage youth. The subsidy was temporarily raised in value and expanded to reach more workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic...

Youth unemployment Youth Unemployment
Research Brief
Finding optimal solutions for efficient youth labour policies: What kind of firms employ young people in South Africa?

According to South Africa’s National Development Plan Vision 2030, serious action needs to be taken to reduce poverty and encourage economic growth...

Tax administration data Firm-level analysis Firm behaviour
Working Paper
Product market competition and the labour market: Evidence from South Africa

We study the relationship between product market competition and labour market outcomes in South Africa. We combine firm-level data from tax records with individual-level data from the labour force survey...

Product market competition Tax data Unemployment
Book Chapter
Macroeconomic Perspective on Development

From the book: Asian Transformations

Unemployment Labour market State
Working Paper
A macroeconomic perspective on Asian development

Macroeconomic strategies and policies have differed significantly among Asian countries over the last fifty years, and yet some common issues recur despite their immense diversity in inherited historical initial conditions, differences in political s...

Unemployment Labour market State
Working Paper
Employer characteristics and youth employment outcomes in the formal sector in South Africa: Assessment using administrative tax data

Through the use of administrative tax data, this study attempts to identify the characteristics of firms that employ relatively large numbers of young people...

Tax administration data Firm-level analysis Firm behaviour
Book Chapter
The Success of Learnerships :: Lessons from South Africa’s Training and Education Programme

From the book: African Youth and the Persistence of Marginalization

Education Human capital Unemployment
Book Chapter
Education Policy, Vocational Training, and the Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa

From the book: African Youth and the Persistence of Marginalization

Education Finance (Education) Population
Book Chapter
Young People, Agriculture and Employment in Rural Africa

From the book: African Youth and the Persistence of Marginalization

Agriculture Economic development Entrepreneurship
Book Chapter
Youth Employment Prospects in Africa

Economic growth Population Unemployment
Working Paper
South African Labour Market Transitions During the Global Financial and Economic Crisis: Micro-Level Evidence

This paper studies individual-level labour market transitions and their determinants in South Africa during the zenith and aftermath of the global financial and economic crisis using 2008 to 2010-2011 panel data from the National Income Dynamics Stud...

Econometric models (Economic development) Financial crisis Labour market
Working Paper
Young People, Agriculture, and Employment in Rural Africa

This paper examines the current interest in addressing the problem of young people’s unemployment in Africa through agriculture...

Agriculture Economic development Entrepreneurship
Journal Article
Introducing carbon taxes in South Africa

South Africa is considering introducing a carbon tax to reduce greenhouse gas emissions...

Carbon tax Income distribution Public welfare
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