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Unpaid labour
A fiercely contested omission — or why we need to keep talking about unpaid care

In the late 1950s, the United Nations System of National Accounts was set up to promote the collection of internationally comparable data on productive activity in different countries...

Unpaid labour Gender equality Gender inequality
Working Paper
Norms that matter: Exploring the distribution of women’s work between income generation, expenditure-saving, and unpaid domestic responsibilities in India

Based on primary data from India, this paper analyses the reasons underlying women’s low labour force participation. In developing countries, women engaged in unpaid economic work in family enterprises are often not counted as workers...

Female labour force participation India Social norms
Journal Article
The effect of top incomes on inequality in South Africa

Part of Journal Special Issue Public economics and development action

Family workers Foreign competition Household business
Working Paper
The effect of foreign competition on family and network labour allocation

This paper examines whether foreign competition affects the reallocation of unpaid and family workers from household businesses to working outside of the family firm...

Family workers Foreign competition Household business
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