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Working Paper
The impact of COVID-19 on urban informal workers in Maputo

Informal self-employed traders in developing countries are vulnerable to shocks as they often lack access to social insurance or formal finance...

COVID-19 Informal Urban
Working Paper
Recovery with distress: unpacking COVID-19 impact on livelihoods and poverty in Bangladesh

The social and ecomomic impact of COVID-19 has been deep, wide-ranging, and multi-dimensional...

COVID-19 Livelihoods Informal
Working Paper
Remote sensing of urban cyclone impact and resilience: Evidence from Idai

Cyclone Idai, the most devastating cyclone ever recorded in Southern Africa, caused havoc in large parts of central Mozambique, especially the port city of Beira, upon its landfall in March 2019...

Remote sensing Natural disasters Urban
COVID-19 lays bare Cape Town’s social divide, deepens underlying inequalities

The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a devastating economic shock to livelihoods across the world. In Cape Town, it has been toughest on those who had just found a way to keep their heads above water, living on the fringes of urban society...

South Africa Urban COVID-19
Working Paper
Estimates of multidimensional poverty for India using NSSO-71 and -75

We measure multidimensional poverty in India using National Sample Survey Organization data from 2014–15 to 2017–18. We use income, health, education, and standard of living to measure the multidimensional poverty index (MPI)...

Multidimensional poverty index Income Poverty
Working Paper
Urban change and rural continuity in gender ideologies and practices: Theorizing from Zambia

Across the world, people in urban rather than rural areas are more likely to support gender equality...

Rural development Urban Zambia
Development in an urban world

Theme: 2008-09

In 2007 the number of urban inhabitants will surpass rural dwellers as a percentage of the total world population. By 2030 the proportion of people living in cities globally is expected to reach 61%, with almost 80% of urban dwellers living in less...

Poverty Inequality and Well-being Urban
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