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Viet Nam
Seeking asylum from nowhere— how origin shapes the context of reception

Afghanistan is the world’s newest nowhere , a predicament that will shape the evacuation and resettlement prospects for millions of people for the foreseeable future. What does it mean to call Afghanistan a ‘nowhere’?...

Refugees Forced migration Global Governance and Conflict
Working Paper
Forecasting recovery from COVID-19 using financial data: An application to Viet Nam

We develop a new methodology to nowcast the effects of the COVID-19 crisis and forecast its evolution in small, export-oriented countries...

COVID-19 Pandemic Forecasting
Maria Lo Bue and Khoa Vu to present in YoDEV Webinar Series

Maria Lo Bue and Khoa Vu will present their work from the Social mobility in the Global South project on intergenerational mobility in Viet Nam. This presentation is a part of the Young Development Economists Webinar Series and will take place at 15...

14 January 2021
Past event
Working Paper
Formalization and productivity: Firm-level evidence from Viet Nam

Using a firm-level panel dataset on private small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Viet Nam’s manufacturing sector, this paper examines productivity dynamics of formal and informal firms...

Formalization Productivity Firm productivity
Working Paper
Political connections and firm's formalization: Evidence from Viet Nam

The literature shows that political connections have different effects on firms’ activities. However, the question of how political connections affect firms’ formalization has not been explored...

Political connections Formalization Viet Nam
Research Brief
Economic transformation in Vietnam: SMEs and access to credit Access to credit Viet Nam SMEs
Journal Article
Rental markets, gender, and land certificates: Evidence from Vietnam

Part of Journal Special Issue Understanding agricultural development and change

Land use certificates Land rental markets Gender
Journal Article
Land rights, agricultural productivity, and deforestation

Part of Journal Special Issue Understanding agricultural development and change

Deforestation Agricultural productivity Land tenure
Journal Article
Tenurial security and agricultural investment: Evidence from Vietnam

Part of Journal Special Issue Introduction to understanding agricultural development and change

Investment Land Land rights
Journal Article
The impact of agricultural commercialisation on household welfare in rural Vietnam

Part of Journal Special Issue Understanding agricultural development and change

Commercialization Smallholders Rice
Journal Article
Market constraints, misallocation, and productivity in Vietnam agriculture

Part of Journal Special Issue Understanding agricultural development and change

Viet Nam Agriculture Misallocation
Policy Brief
Eight lessons on small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam SMEs Microeconomics Private sector
Book Chapter
Are politically connected firms less constrained in credit markets?

From the book: Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam

Credit constraints Political connections Viet Nam
Journal Article
Subnational home market bias in Vietnam: Evidence from enterprise‐level data

This paper contributes to the home (market) bias literature where administrative or political borders limit trade across borders. Home bias is well documented at the national and subnational level...

Viet Nam Exporting Subcontracting
Journal Article
Does Horizontal Inequality Matter in Vietnam?

Part of Journal Special Issue Horizontal inequality in the Global South

Viet Nam Horizontal inequality Ethnic relations
Journal Article
Drivers of productivity in Vietnamese SMEs: the role of management standards and innovation

Using a rich panel dataset of small and medium scale manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) active in the manufacturing sector in Viet Nam, this paper investigates the drivers of firm productivity, focusing on the role played by international management st...

Management standards ISO certification Technological innovations
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