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Viet Nam
Journal Article
Does managerial personality matter?: Evidence from firms in Vietnam

Using novel data from micro, small and medium firms in Vietnam, we estimate the relationship between behavioural and personality traits of owners/managers – risk attitudes, locus of control, and innovativeness – and firm-level decisions...

Entrepreneurship SMEs Firm performance
Working Paper
Comparing estimated and self-reported mark-ups for formal and informal firms in an emerging market context

Using a 10-year panel survey covering Vietnamese manufacturing firms, we consistently obtain firm-specific mark-up estimates and relate these to firm-level formality...

Firm productivity Formality Viet Nam
Working Paper
Firm-level corruption: Unravelling sand from grease

This paper adds to the recent literature on firm-level corruption by relying on rich data including detailed information on the purpose and amounts of bribe payments among Vietnamese micro, small, and medium firms...

Corruption Firm performance Small and medium enterprises
Working Paper
The missing middle: Growing and strengthening Viet Nam’s micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises

We study the exporting and subcontracting decisions, mark-ups, market concentration, and growth of a panel of Vietnamese private micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. Our main findings are as follows...

Viet Nam Exporting Subcontracting
Working Paper
Social networks, geographic proximity, and firm performance in Viet Nam

This paper uses panel data to assess the relative importance of social networks and geographic proximity to micro, small, and medium enterprises in Viet Nam...

Social networks Geographic proximity Manufacturing firms
Working Paper
Drivers of productivity in Vietnamese SMEs: The role of management standards and innovation

Using a rich panel dataset of SMEs active in the manufacturing sector in Viet Nam, this paper investigates the drivers of firm productivity, focusing on the role played by international management standards certification...

Management standards ISO certification Technological innovations
Working Paper
Group-based inequalities: The case of Viet Nam

This paper examines the issue of horizontal inequalities in Viet Nam over the past 20 years...

Viet Nam Horizontal inequality Ethnic relations
Working Paper
Gender matters: Private sector training in Vietnamese SMEs

In many developing countries the skill base is a cause of concern with respect to international competition. Firm-provided training is generally seen as an important tool for bridging the skills gap between labour force and private sector demand...

Training Wages SME
In the media
Vietnamese firms lack funds for technological upgrades

SGGP English Edition, 5 November 2014

Viet Nam Growth Economic policy (Business enterprises)
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