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Working Paper
Don’t rock the boat? Fears of conflict and support for protest in Iraq and beyond

Why do people support—or refrain from supporting—nonviolent protests for political change?...

protest Nonviolene Conflict
Working Paper
Political representation in the wake of ethnic violence and post-conflict institutional reform: Comparing views from Rwandan and Burundian citizens

The lack of political representation often lies at the origin of identity-based violence, and, when not resolved, can re-ignite violence. We study who perceives gains and losses in political representation in Rwanda and Burundi and why...

political representation Violence Rwanda
Working Paper
Between victory and statehood: Armed violence in post-war Abkhazia

What accounts for armed violence in the aftermath of civil war? Efforts to develop a comprehensive framework to understand this phenomenon have been made in the literature...

Violence Political violence Abkhazia
Working Paper
The social and political consequences of wartime sexual violence: New evidence from list experiments in three conflict-affected populations

Wartime sexual violence is widespread across conflict zones and thought to leave a disastrous legacy for survivors, communities, and nations...

Wartime sexual violence List experiment Post-conflict
Working Paper
Riots and social capital in urban India

This paper explores the relationship between household exposure to riots and social capital in urban India using a panel dataset collected by the authors in the state of Maharashtra...

Riots Social capital Trust
Working Paper
Conflict and development: Recent research advances and future agendas

We survey selected parts of the growing literature on the microeconomics of violent conflict, identifying where academic research has started to establish stylized facts and where methodological and knowledge gaps remain...

Conflict Violence War
Working Paper
Do fences make good neighbours?: Evidence from an insurgency in India

India has employed a variety of military, political, and economic measures to combat the long running insurgency in Kashmir with little evidence on what contributes to stability in the region...

Conflict Violence Governance
Working Paper
Crosscutting cleavages and ethno-communal violence: Evidence from Indonesia in the post-Suharto era

Recent literature has shown that crosscutting social cleavages reduce the likelihood of civil war...

Crosscutting cleavages Ethnicity Riots
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