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Wage gap
Working Paper
Scrutinizing the sticky floor/glass ceiling phenomena in the informal labour market in Cameroon: An unconditional quantile regression analysis

Cameroon’s informal labour market largely harbours female workers, engaged mainly in low-productivity and low-paying jobs...

Gender Earnings inequality Sticky floor
Working Paper
Gender wage gaps in Ghana: A comparison across different selection models

The wage of an individual is observed only when he/she is employed. However, getting employment requires two decisions...

Gender Ghana Labour market
Office - Unsplash / Headway Serena Merrino on wage inequality under inflation-targeting in South Africa
2 December 2020
Online, South Africa
Past event
How a data revolution in South Africa can help address gender inequality

In 2016, we joined a project in South Africa working to make tax data available for research purposes...

Administrative data Employment Gender
Research Brief
The gender wage gap in post-apartheid South Africa

The World Bank reports that the world loses US$160 trillion in human capital wealth due to gender wage inequality every year. Inequality is not just an issue of fairness...

Labour force participation Gender gap Wage gap
Working Paper
Gender and the South African labour market: Policy relevant research possibilities using South African tax data

This paper has three primary objectives...

Administrative data Employment Gender
Myanmar Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises 2018 Qualitative Study

The purpose of this report is to give a nuanced picture of the SME business environment in Myanmar as a complement to the 2017 MSME quantitative survey conducted within the project ‘ Towards Inclusive Development in Myanmar ’...

SMEs Manufacturing Informal sector
Working Paper
Distributional changes in the gender wage gap in the post-apartheid South African labour market

This paper investigates the evolution of the gender wage gap in South Africa, using the 1993–2015 Post-Apartheid Labour Market Series data set. The changes in the gap are heterogeneous across the wage distribution...

Labour force participation Gender gap Wage gap
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