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Welfare dynamics
Working Paper
The livelihood impacts of COVID-19 in urban South Africa: A view from below

This paper investigates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and related policy measures on livelihoods in urban South Africa...

COVID-19 Welfare dynamics Lockdown
Working Paper
Income mobility in the developing world: Recent approaches and evidence

This paper examines income mobility in developing countries. We start by synthesizing findings from the available evidence on relative mobility and poverty dynamics...

Intragenerational mobility Intergenerational Mobility Welfare dynamics
Policy Brief
Inequality in India on the rise

Following the introduction of economic reforms in the early 1990s, India today is achieving unprecedented per capita growth rates. Poverty reduction has also accelerated and is justly celebrated...

Inequality Decomposition Welfare dynamics
Working Paper
Inequality trends and dynamics in India: The bird’s-eye and the granular perspectives

India today is achieving per capita growth rates that are historically unprecedented. Poverty reduction has also accelerated. There is concern, however, that this growth is being accompanied by rising inequality...

Inequality Decomposition Welfare dynamics
Working Paper
Welfare dynamics in India over a quarter-century: Poverty, vulnerability, and mobility, 1987–2012

We analyse the Indian National Sample Survey data spanning the period 1987/88–2011/12 to uncover patterns of transition into and out of different classes of consumption distribution...

Intragenerational mobility Welfare dynamics Imputation
Working Paper
Welfare dynamics in rural Vietnam: Learning from regular, high-quality panel data

While many studies of welfare dynamics have been conducted using panel data sets with two or three waves, much richer insights can be obtained where more waves are available...

Welfare dynamics Panel survey Panel data analysis
Journal Article
Welfare dynamics measurement: Two definitions of a vulnerability line and their empirical application

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequality

Welfare dynamics Poverty Vulnerability
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