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Working Paper
Governance and the reversal of women’s rights: The case of abortion in El Salvador

States’ governance of gender is not unidirectional. In addition to ‘stagnation’ and ‘progress’, there can be an active reversal of rights already granted to women...

Abortion Women Crime
Working Paper
Marital trajectories and women’s wellbeing in Senegal

Divorce and widowhood followed by remarriage are common for women in Africa. A key question is how such discontinuous marital trajectories affect women’s wellbeing...

Divorce Senegal Welfare
Working Paper
Migration impact on left-behind women’s labour participation and time-use: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan

This paper aims to study the impact of migration on labour supply and time-use of women left behind in Kyrgyzstan. Using the household survey data for 2011, labour supply is measured by occupational choices and working hours...

International migration Labour supply Women
Achieving gender equality in India: what works, and what doesn’t

Discrimination against women and girls is a pervasive and long-running phenomenon that characterises Indian society at every level...

Does women’s education reduce rates of death in childbirth?

Every single day, approximately 830 women die from causes related to childbirth. Despite considerable advances in maternal health over the last three decades ( Hogan et al...

Education Health Women
Ending child marriage and closing the education gap

Women in most parts of the developing world are under-represented in the workplace and poorly paid. One reason for this is the gender gap in education – women tend to be less schooled than men...

Education Human capital Women
Journal Article
Aid for Gender Equality and Development: Lessons and Challenges

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid for Gender Equality and Development

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development Women
Journal Article
Land Governance, Gender Equality and Development: Past Achievements and Remaining Challenges

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid for Gender Equality and Development

Equality and inequality Land tenure Women
Working Paper
The behavioural implications of women’s empowerment programmes

Participatory community programmes are a potentially important tool for social empowerment and economic development. How do participatory programmes that specifically target women affect community trust and cohesion?...

Economic development Field experiments Pension trusts
Aid and gender – making foreign aid count

International Women’s Day on 8th March 2016 is a time to celebrate. It is also a time for reflection...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Equality and inequality Women
Journal Article
Gender Inequality, Female Leadership and Aid Allocation: A Panel Analysis of Aid for Education

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid for Gender Equality and Development

Economic assistance and foreign aid Education Women
Extreme poverty - the poorest are being left behind

At our 30 th Anniversary Conference we took the chance to interview Martin Ravallion of Georgetown University—we asked him to discuss his recent work on extreme poverty, and to highlight what he believes the major challenges in this area will b...

Consumption (Economics) Equality and inequality Land tenure
Higher education and role models key for supporting further gender equality

Gender equality is one of the cross-cutting concerns of the UNU-WIDER work programme 2014-18 ...

Education, Higher Equality and inequality Women
Working Paper
Gender-based violence and gender bias in schooling decision: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

This paper examines the impact of gender based violence against women and girls (GBV), in the environment the children live in, on school attendance, school achievement, as well as boys’ and girls’ dropouts...

Education Families Households
Journal Article
Gender and distributional preferences: Experimental evidence from India

We conduct a lab experiment to assess whether gender of dictators and recipients, and distributional preferences affect allocations in a modified dictator game where both parties perform a cognitive task and the resulting pie to be split is the sum o...

Discrimination in employment Equality and inequality Women
Journal Article
Tenure Insecurity, Climate Variability and Renting out Decisions among Female Small-Holder Farmers in Ethiopia

Part of Journal Special Issue Economics of climate change impacts on developing countries

Agriculture Econometric models (Economic development) Land tenure
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