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Working conditions
Working Paper
The informal sector and the safety of female traders in Tanzania: A reflection of practices, policies, and legislation

This paper assesses the participation of female traders, safety factors, and existing policies and legislation in the informal sector in Tanzania...

Informal sector female entrepreneurship Tanzania
Working Paper
Improving young women’s working conditions in Tanzania’s urban food vending sector

In this paper, we investigate the working conditions of the young women working as assistants in the food vending sector in Tanzania using interviews and focus group discussions which are supplemented with quantitative survey...

Tanzania Working conditions Food retailing
Working Paper
Labour conditions in regional versus global value chains: Insights from apparel firms in Lesotho and Eswatini

We explore how decent work varies across Southern Africa apparel firms participating in global value chains (GVCs) and regional value chains (RVCs), respectively...

Regional value chains Global value chains Decent Work
Working Paper
How good are manufacturing jobs in Myanmar?: Evidence from matched employer–employee data

The quality of people’s jobs is a fundamental determinant of their well-being, and judging the state of a labour market on the basis of job quantity alone delivers a very partial picture...

job quality Productivity Working conditions
Research Brief
Are employees in Vietnamese SMEs compensated for working in unfavourable conditions? Vulnerability Working conditions Wage differentials
Book Chapter
Pecuniary returns to working conditions

From the book: Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam

Wage differentials Working conditions Small and medium enterprises
Working Paper
Industrial agglomeration in Myanmar

Focusing on labour productivity and working conditions, we investigate the benefits of industrial zones for private manufacturing enterprises in Myanmar. We find that being located in an industrial zone associates with higher labour productivity...

Agglomeration Industrial zones Working conditions
Working Paper
Pecuniary returns to working conditions in Vietnam

Using matched worker-firm data from three waves of the Vietnam Small and Medium Enterprises data, we examine whether workers are compensated with higher wages for working in vulnerable jobs and unfavourable working conditions...

Wage differentials Working conditions Small and medium enterprises
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