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Working Paper
How have formal firms recovered from the pandemic?: Insights from survey and tax administrative data in Zambia

This paper examines how formal firms have been impacted by and recovered from the pandemic by drawing on two distinct but complementary data sources...

Firms COVID-19 Tax administration data
MicroZAMOD retreat
23 May 202227 May 2022
Protea Hotel Livingstone, Livingstone, Zambia
Past event
In the media
SOUTHMOD Cash Plus dissemination event in the Zambian media Zambia Tax-benefit microsimulation SDG17
Building up efficient and fair tax systems – lessons from Zambia

This project analyses administrative tax data in Zambia to provide knowledge for better policy-making with respect to mobilizing public revenue for inclusive economic development. The project conducts new, policy-relevant research based on the...

Tax administration data Zambia SDG17
An African in Africa: New perspectives on travelling for research

Working for an international organisation presents a host of challenges, given the vast nature of tasks that one must surmount in a fast paced and changing environment...

Zambia Ghana Africa
Results meeting
Microsimulation of agricultural policies in Zambia
25 November 2021
Online, Zambia
Past event
Policy Brief
Towards greater poverty reduction in Zambia: Simulating potential Cash Plus reforms Poverty reduction Social protection Zambia
Working Paper
Towards greater poverty reduction in Zambia: Simulating potential Cash Plus reforms using MicroZAMOD

A large share of the population in Zambia is living below the national poverty line...

Poverty Zambia Social protection
Policy seminar
Distributional Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Zambia
14 October 2021
Sarovar Premiere Hotel, online, Lusaka, Zambia
Past event
Project workshop
Work-in-progress meeting on tax research collaboration in Zambia

As part of the Building up efficient and fair tax systems – lessons based on administrative tax data project, a work-in progress meeting was held online between UNU-WIDER, Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis & Research ( ZIPAR ) and...

12 October 2021
Online, Lusaka, Zambia
Past event
Understanding taxpayer behaviour better – New data research collaboration in Zambia Taxation Tax administration data Zambia
Policy seminar
Cash Plus dissemination event
5 October 2021
Hotel Southern Sun Ridgeway, Lusaka, online, Zambia
Past event
Press Release | New UN study reveals limited impact of tax and social protection policies in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa Africa SOUTHMOD Tax-benefit microsimulation
Technical Note
Exploring the quality of income data in two South African household surveys which underpin SAMOD

This note has set out several data processes that have been undertaken using the income data in dataset(s) that underpin SAMOD...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Income distribution South Africa
Working Paper
Exploring the quality of income data in two African household surveys for the purpose of tax-benefit microsimulation modelling: Imputing employment income in Tanzania and Zambia

The quality of data on employment income is explored using Tanzanian and Zambian household survey datasets. The extent of missing and implausible income data is assessed and four different methods are applied to impute missing or implausible values...

Income Imputation Microsimulation
Project meeting
Cash Plus final meeting
28 July 2021
Lusaka, Zambia
Past event
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