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Working Paper
Impact of soil conservation adoption on intrahousehold allocations in Zambia

In this paper, we examine the impact of soil conservation adoption on gender-specific resource allocations within households in Zambia...

agricultural technology gender roles Zambia
Working Paper
Constraints to biofuel feedstock production expansion in Zambia

World biofuel production has been increasing to improve energy security and mitigate global warming...

Biofuels Social constraints biophysical constraints
Working Paper
Urban change and rural continuity in gender ideologies and practices: Theorizing from Zambia

Across the world, people in urban rather than rural areas are more likely to support gender equality...

Rural development Urban Zambia
Working Paper
Analysis of the animal feed to poultry value chain in Zambia

Rapid population growth, urbanization, and income growth are triggering increased demand for high-value agricultural products across Southern Africa with scope for gains from trade and regional integration...

Regional value chains southern Africa Poultry
Working Paper
Review of social issues for large-scale land investment in Zambia

Given unsuccessful experiences to date in establishing large-scale investments for biofuels in Zambia, this paper explores the social constraints that may hinder future efforts to use the same models...

Biofuel Social constraints Zambia
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