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fiscal capacity
How can developing countries pay for the SDGs?

With official development assistance under strain, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will require developing countries to rely increasingly on their own resources...

SDGs Sustainable Development Goals Millennium Development Goals
Developing countries would benefit from improved tax collection: What can help?

The ability to raise revenues from taxes – called “fiscal capacity” – is a crucial aspect for the functioning of any state...

Tax revenue fiscal capacity Income tax
Journal Article
The impact of intergovernmental transfers on local revenue generation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Tanzania

Do intergovernmental transfers reduce revenues collected by local government authorities (LGAs)?...

fiscal capacity intergovernmental grants Sub-Saharan Africa
Working Paper
Fiscal capacity and social protection expenditure in developing nations

There is scant analysis on the causal relationship between fiscal capacity and social protection expenditure in the developing world...

fiscal capacity Inequality Institutions
Working Paper
Party system institutionalization and reliance on personal income tax: Exploring the relationship using new data

This paper explores the effect of party system institutionalization on the reliance of tax systems on the personal income tax...

Income tax fiscal capacity Bureaucracy
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