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Working Paper
Are routine jobs moving south?: Evidence from changes in the occupational structure of employment in the USA and Mexico

The decline of employment in middle-wage, routine task intensive jobs has been well documented for the USA. Increased offshoring towards lower-income countries such as Mexico has been proposed as a potential driver of this decline...

Employment employment structure routine employment
Research Brief
The impact on jobs and earnings of offshoring in South Africa

The success of an economy’s manufacturing sector is often critical to economic growth and development...

offshoring Firm-level data Linked employer-employee data
Working Paper
Offshoring within South African manufacturing firms: An analysis of the labour market effects

In South Africa, the manufacturing sector—important for growth and employment creation—has shown declining growth, poor productivity performance, decreased labour demand, and increased imports of intermediate goods (offshoring activities)...

offshoring Firm-level data Linked employer-employee data
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