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presumptive tax
Policy Brief
New directions for presumptive tax in Uganda Uganda presumptive tax Tax administration
Working Paper
An assessment of presumptive tax in Uganda: Evaluating the 2020 reform and four alternative reform scenarios using UGAMOD, a tax-benefit microsimulation model for Uganda

Presumptive tax, a final tax on business income, was introduced in Uganda in 1997. The latest reform to the regime in July 2020 sought to make the system more progressive, simpler, and fairer to small firms...

presumptive tax Tax administration Small business
Policy seminar
Assessing Presumptive Tax Policy in Uganda

This online event will be organized to introduce the results of an assessment of presumptive tax policy in Uganda. The seminar will cover effect estimates of Uganda's recent presumptive tax reform and recommendations for amending the tax regime...

26 August 2021
Online, Kampala, Uganda
Past event
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