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Corporate governance
Working Paper
Institutional Investors, Corporate Ownership, and Corporate Governance: Global Perspectives

We examine the role of institutional investors in financial markets and in corporate governance...

Corporate governance Financial institutions, International Investments
Working Paper
Financing the New Economy: Financial Institutions and Corporate Governance

This paper examines the financial sector preconditions for the successful development of a high technology sector...

Corporate governance Finance Technology
Book Chapter
Unorthodox Ownership and Governance Structures in Transitional East Asia

From the book: Transition and Institutions

Business enterprises Economic policy (Business enterprises) Corporate governance
Working Paper
The Evolutionary Dynamics of China's Small- and Medium- Sized enterprises in the 1990s

Since 1992 a series of radical and successful reforms of their ownership and governance structures have been conducted by China's small and medium enterprises (SMEs)...

Corporate governance Government business enterprises Post-communism
Working Paper
The Change of the Financial System and Developmental State in Korea

This study examines the role of institutions and their change related to the rapid economic development and the 1997 Korean financial crisis...

Banks and banking Corporate governance Economic development
Working Paper
Privatization in the Countries of Eastern and Central Europe and of the Former Soviet Union

In transition economics, privatization seems to have two basic motivations: separation of politics from the economy, and better corporate governance...

Corporate governance Privatization Right of property
Working Paper
Emergence of Unorthodox Ownership and Governance Structures in East Asia: An Alternative Transition Path

This paper examines the nature of the unorthodox ownership and governance structures that are emerging among firms and the way these structures are supporting the remarkable economic growth in the transition economies of East Asia, as represented in ...

Business enterprises Economic policy (Business enterprises) Corporate governance
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