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Book Chapter
Protesting for a Better Tomorrow?: Youth Mobilization in Africa

Democracy Political science Social movement
Working Paper
South Africa’s Emerging Black Middle Class: A Harbinger of Political Change?

South Africa has seen a significant increase in the size of the black middle class in the post-apartheid period, but the attitudinal consequences of indicators of the middle class, as of 2011, are inconsistent and modest in size...

Democracy Household survey Income
Economic Elites, Crises, and Austerity in 21st Century Capitalism

24 September 2014 Andrés Solimano The era of neoliberal capitalism starting by the late 1970s and early 1980s promotes free trade, capital mobility, fragmented migration, privatization, deregulation and marketization...

Capitalism Democracy Economic policy
Journal Article
Styles of Policing and Economic Development in African States

Part of Journal Special Issue Aiding Government Effectiveness in Developing Countries

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
Does Aid Make Economic Sense?

26 March 2014 Finn Tarp Foreign aid is often seen as different from other forms of investment, and some argue that rather than having a positive effect it tends to distort economies and may potentially slow growth and development...

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic growth
The Nordic Contribution to Development

26 March 2014 Tony Addison The Nordic countries have a long-standing commitment to development, and their work in peace-building has taken Nordic peacemakers into some of the toughest places in the world...

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
Working Paper
The Impact of Democracy on Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1982-2012

Does democracy promote economic growth?...

Democracy Democratization Economic development
Working Paper
Gender Difference in Support for Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa: Do social institutions matter?

Little investigation has been made to explain why women are less likely than are men to support democracy in sub-Saharan Africa...

Democracy Women
Book Chapter
Benin - a pulverized party system in transition

Benin has seen a rapid proliferation of political parties since the country’s democratic transition in 1990. Recent counts suggest that over a hundred political parties are registered in this nation of just over 9 million people...

Democracy Democratization
The Bangladesh Paradox – An Interview with Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury

Carl-Gustav Lindén Bangladesh has made some remarkable strides in development and poverty reduction since independence, despite generally weak governance...

Democracy Poverty Social security
Research Brief
Aid to Mozambique: A Trade-Off Between Governance and Democracy?

In Mozambique donors have shifted focus from project aid to budget support in an effort to reform the public sector and ‘justice, legality and public order’...

Budget Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid
Africa’s Emerging Middle Class: What are the Implications for Development and Democracy?

11 December 2013 Danielle Resnick Economic transformation and social mobility are currently popular themes in the development community. Both themes are especially relevant to analyses of the small but growing middle class in sub-Saharan Africa...

Democracy Democratization Economic policy
From the Editor's Desk (December 2013)

10 December 2013 Tony Addison Our November-December Angle comes amid intense activity on our ReCom—Research and Communication on Foreign Aid—programme, which is drawing to a close...

Economic aspects (Agriculture) Aggregation operators Budget
Research Brief
Zambia – Foreign Aid and Democratic Consolidation

Democracy assistance and donor support have been key in fostering a new type of civil society, dominated by NGOs, the legal community and churches...

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid Government accountability
The Complicated Effects of Foreign Aid on African Democracy

13 December 2013 Annett Victorero The effects of development aid are not straightforward, and often have unintended consequences...

Budget Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid
Panel discussion
Foreign aid and democracy in Africa

This event will involve an in-depth analysis of how, when, and why foreign aid has either facilitated or undermined democratization in Africa. The panel discussion will be centred around the launch of the book entitled Democratic Trajectories in...

6 November 2013
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), 1779 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC, United States
Past event
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