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Clientelism – another reason to worry about US democracy

The last several months have given us many reasons to worry about US democracy – not least the riot at the US Capitol and the president’s refusal to accept the results of the November election, with Republican support. Rachel Gisselquist ...

Clientelism United States Corruption
Working Paper
Does aid support democracy?: A systematic review of the literature

This study draws on a rigorous systematic review—to our knowledge the first in this area—to take stock of the literature on aid and democracy. It asks: Does aid—especially democracy aid—have positive impact on democracy? How?...

Foreign aid Democracy Systematic review
Press release: New study shows democracy aid works

Does development cooperation aimed at strengthening democracy work? A new study from the Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA) addresses critical knowledge gaps on aid assistance. The report, published today, is the most comprehensive study on...

Aid effectiveness Democracy aid Democracy
Effects of Swedish and international democracy aid

Democracy aid is a significant component of development cooperation. As a share of total aid, it has increased steadily since the mid-1990s...

Democracy aid Aid effectiveness Democracy
Working Paper
Economic development and institutions in Mozambique: Factors affecting public financial management

Mozambique has achieved incipient but still fragile socio-economic development since 1975. The public financial management system has been reformed and improved, but its performance has weakened since 2013...

Democracy Growth strategy Institutional economics
Research Brief
Lessons from the transformations of Asian states State Democracy Redistribution
Working Paper
Healthcare equity and COVID-19: Assessing the relative effectiveness of egalitarian governance and healthcare system capacity on the COVID-19 pandemic

Scholars of public health typically focus on societal equity for explaining public health outcomes...

COVID-19 Healthcare Healthcare access
Artificial intelligence vs. COVID-19 in developing countries: Priorities and trade-offs

The rush to harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the fight against the pandemic may be an opportunity for developing countries to accelerate the digitalization of their economies...

COVID-19 Artificial intelligence Public health
UN Photo_Isaac Billy The state and statebuilding in the Global South – international and local interactions

Theme: Transforming states

Building State Capabilities State capacity Aid effectiveness
Journal Article
The heterogeneous effect of oil discoveries on democracy

This paper evaluates the existence of a resource curse on political regimes using the Synthetic Control Method...

Democracy Natural resources
Working Paper
The corruption–growth relationship: Do political institutions matter?

Corruption is widely believed to negatively affect economic growth...

Corruption Democracy Economic growth
Book Chapter
The State and Development

From the book: Asian Transformations

State Democracy Redistribution
The vital role of aid in development

The UNU-WIDER research programme on foreign aid ( ReCom ) began in 2010, in a period of strong aid scepticism. Dambisa Moyo’s well-known book, Dead Aid (2009), is just one example...

Aid effectiveness Aid policy Conflict management
Photo by Petter Meirik_Sida Effects of Swedish and international democracy support

Theme: Transforming states

Democracy Development aid Aid effectiveness
Inequality and governance in unstable democracies – the mediating role of trust

Theme: Transforming states

Governance Trust Economic inequality
Working Paper
The state and development

Using a comparative frame that draws on the variation of developmental trajectories in Asia from Northeast Asia to China to Southeast Asia and to India, this paper explores the changing role of the state in these countries and the contributions that ...

State Democracy Redistribution
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