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Africa’s Emerging Middle Class: What are the Implications for Development and Democracy?

11 December 2013 Danielle Resnick Economic transformation and social mobility are currently popular themes in the development community. Both themes are especially relevant to analyses of the small but growing middle class in sub-Saharan Africa...

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Research Brief
Africa’s Democratic Trajectory: The Impact of Development Aid and Democracy Assistance

Development aid was effective in promoting democratic transitions during the 1990s in African countries beset by economic crisis domestic discontent, and a high dependency on aid...

Democratization Economic assistance and foreign aid Government accountability
Panel discussion
Foreign aid and democracy in Africa

This event will involve an in-depth analysis of how, when, and why foreign aid has either facilitated or undermined democratization in Africa. The panel discussion will be centred around the launch of the book entitled Democratic Trajectories in...

6 November 2013
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), 1779 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC, United States
Past event
Research Brief
Lessons from US Interventions to Japan, Afghanistan and Iraq

Japan’s post-war liberalizing reforms were a success. This was partly due to the fact that US occupation preserved the strength of national institutions and made effective use of their capacity...

Democratization Economic assistance and foreign aid International relations
Getting into a State?

30 October 2013 Roger Williamson The UNU-WIDER meeting held last week in New York on the topic of fragility and aid argued forcefully that you cannot ‘fix’ failed states as you would a broken window...

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The Many Shades of Fragility

30 October 2013 Carl-Gustav Lindén Despite many successful transitions towards peace and multiparty electoral systems there are still 47 fragile states and economies in the world according to the OECD...

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Working Paper
Intervention, Aid, and Institution-Building in Iraq and Afghanistan: a Review and Critique of Comparative Lessons

Since 2001 international attention has focused on the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and specifically on the question of whether external intervention can assist weak or fragile states in successfully making the transition to stable democracies...

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Annual Lecture
WIDER Annual Lecture 17 - Egalitarian Principles
19 September 2013
Europaea Hall, Marina Congress Centre, Katajanokanlaituri 6 A, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
From the Editor's Desk (September 2013)

24 September 2013 Tony Addison As Helsinki moves into a crisp sunny autumn, Angle brings you news of two big UNU-WIDER events...

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Journal Article
Continuity and Change in Senegalese Party Politics: Lessons from the 2012 elections

Senegal's 2012 presidential and legislative elections reaffirmed the country's longstanding reputation as one of Africa's most stable democracies...

Democratization Political science Voting
Journal Article
Do Electoral Coalitions Facilitate Democratic Consolidation in Africa?

I n a region where democratization has led to a proliferation of opposition parties, pre-electoral coalitions represent an obvious means by which to reduce excessive party fragmentation in Africa...

Democratization Political science Voting
Working Paper
Consociational Settlements and Reconstruction: Bosnia in Comparative Perspective, 1995-Present

This paper examines Bosnia with some comparative insights from Northern Ireland...

Democratization Economic assistance and foreign aid Decision making (Public administration)
Working Paper
Aid, Accountability, and Institution-Building in Ethiopia: a Comparative Analysis of Donor Practice

Forty billion dollars of official development assistance during 1991-2012 reduced Ethiopian absolute poverty while underwriting more efficient but exclusionary public institutions...

Democratization Economic assistance and foreign aid Public policy (Law)
Research Brief
Building a Capable State in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has received vast amounts of development aid, but results may not be sufficiently robust...

Democratization Economic assistance and foreign aid Public goods
From the Editor's Desk (June 2013)

29 June 2013 Tony Addison The June-July summer issue of Angle comes to you amid the 19 hours daylight of the Finnish mid-summer...

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Working Paper
The Impact of Adult Civic Education Programmes in Developing Democracies

Can democracy be taught?...

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