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Developing countries
Book Chapter
Economic approach to intergenerational mobility: Measures, methods, and challenges in developing countries

From the book: Social mobility in developing countries

Social mobility Intergenerational elasticity Developing countries
Book Chapter
Educational mobility in the developing world

From the book: Social mobility in developing countries

Educational mobility Developing countries Educational expansion
Book Chapter
Income mobility in the developing world: Recent approaches and evidence

From the book: Social mobility in developing countries

Intragenerational mobility Intergenerational Mobility Welfare dynamics
Book Chapter
Social mobility in developing countries: Measurement and downward mobility pitfalls

From the book: Social mobility in developing countries

Intergenerational Mobility Measurement Developing countries
Book Chapter
The state of knowledge about social mobility in the developing world

From the book: Social mobility in developing countries

Social mobility Inequality Income
Working Paper
Gender and vulnerable employment in the developing world: Evidence from global microdata

This paper investigates gender inequality in vulnerable employment: forms of employment typically featuring high precariousness, inadequate earnings, and lack of decent working conditions...

Vulnerable employment Gender gap Developing countries
UNU-WIDER at International Economic Association World Congress

UNU-WIDER’s research project 'The changing nature of work and inequality' will have a special live session at the IEA World Congress Indonesia 2021. Finn Tarp and Miguel Niño-Zarazúa will also present on ‘The Role of Redistribution in the Inequality...

5 July 2021
Online, United States
Past event
WIDER-Webinar-image from UNDP-Bangladesh-COVID19 Arkebe Oqubay on the economic implications of COVID-19 crisis for developing countries
18 May 2021
Online, Helsinki
Past event
Book Chapter
Setting the scene

From the book: Inequality in the Developing World

Inequality Developing countries Middle-income countries
Inequality in the Developing World

Inequality has emerged as a key development challenge...

Inequality Developing countries Middle-income countries
Working Paper
Heterogeneous informality in Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Informal work is often considered a place of employment for marginalized and vulnerable workers who have been rationed out of preferred formal work...

Informality Developing countries Costa Rica
Working Paper
Motherhood and flexible jobs: Evidence from Latin American countries

We study the causal effect of motherhood on labour market outcomes in Latin America by adopting an event study approach around the birth of the first child based on panel data from national household surveys for Chile, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay...

child penalty event study female labour supply
Policy Brief
Migration governance in the Global South

Building knowledge about migration governance and policy in the Global South is a priority for research and policy. Migration is a defining feature of our time and one closely linked with processes of economic and political development...

International migration Emigration and immigration Economic Policy and Good Governance
The debate around intellectual property rights and the COVID-19 vaccine

The most effective way to fight COVID-19 is by vaccinating against infection. But once the vaccine is developed, how can it be distributed across the world’s population?...

COVID-19 COVID-19 vaccine Intellectual property rights
Background Note
Making a COVID-19 vaccine globally available once developed: Decoupling production of the vaccine from its development

Development and production of a COVID-19 vaccine There is a high risk that the intellectual property (IP) rights of a COVID-19 vaccine will effectively block people in many poorer countries from accessing it...

COVID-19 COVID-19 vaccine Intellectual property
Background Note
Artificial intelligence versus COVID-19 in developing countries: Priorities and trade-offs

In this note, I will refer to current efforts to harness artificial intelligence (AI) in the push back against COVID-19, note its promises, limitations, potential pitfalls, and identify priorities for developing countries...

Artificial intelligence COVID-19 Developing countries
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