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Economic conditions
Working Paper
Building Institutions in Post-Conflict African Economies

Institutions are altered by conflict, depending on the scale, duration and type of war. At one extreme, formal political, social and economic institutions may be completely destroyed (e.g...

Economic conditions Informal sector Institutional economics
Working Paper
Economic Aspects of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: The Collapse of the Oslo Accord

Since October 2000 Israel and the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza Strip have become entangled in a bloody confrontation...

Conflict management Economic conditions International economic relations
Working Paper
Debt Issues in Africa: Thinking beyond the HIPC Initiative to Solving Structural Problems

This paper attempts to answer the following question: If the HIPC Initiative is fully successful and managed to write-off all debt that is owed by Africa, will the debt problem be over? The answer is ‘no’...

Public debt Economic conditions International trade
Book Chapter
Global Linkages and Vulnerable Economies

From the book: The Prevention of Humanitarian Emergencies

Conflict management Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic conditions
Book Chapter
Transition, Impoverishment and Mortality: How Large an Impact?

From the book: The Mortality Crisis in Transitional Economies

Consumption Economic conditions Health
Working Paper
Economic Shocks, Impoverishment and Poverty-Related Mortality during the Eastern European Transition

This paper aims to assess the impact that the impoverishment process has had on IPD health dynamics and micronutrient-related morbidity via the changes which have occurred in food consumption in terms of average intake, its distribution and the quali...

Consumption Economic conditions Health
Working Paper
The Economics Of Complex Humanitarian Emergencies: Preliminary Approaches And Findings

This paper, a draft from the early stages of an ongoing UNU/WIDER research project, outlines hypotheses for the economic cause of humanitarian disasters...

Economic conditions Elite (Social sciences) Natural resources
Working Paper
Conditionality: Facts, Theory and Policy

Three changes in conditionality of loans are proposed in this study, in order to improve the relations between developing country borrowers and international lending agencies, and make the international cooperative effort at development and stability...

Economic conditions Economic policy Foreign loans
Working Paper
Food and the History of India: An 'Entitlement' Approach

Agriculture Cooperative societies Economic conditions
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