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Economic development
Working Paper
Is there a fiscal resource curse?: Resource rents, fiscal capacity, and political institutions in developing economies

States’ fiscal capacity plays a pivotal role in developing economies, but it is less clear what its determinants are or what explains cross-country differences. We focus on the impact of natural resources...

State capacity Fiscal capacity Resource curse
Photo: Husain Akbar / BBH Singapore / Unsplash Structural transformation — old and new paths to economic development

Theme: Transforming economies

Structural transformation Economic development
Book Chapter
Development and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa

When it comes to reporting on Africa, the international news media has, over time, delivered very mixed messages. Yet there are still many who characterize sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) as a region of hunger, economic crisis, and political unrest...

Sub-Saharan Africa Economic development Transformation
Journal Article
How does petty corruption affect tax morale in sub-Saharan Africa?

Revenues from taxation gain in importance to finance economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa. One obstacle to enhancing the willingness to remit taxes can be the extortion of bribes by public officials...

Corruption Tax Economic development
Working Paper
Educational mobility in developing countries

This paper reviews the small but growing literature on intergenerational educational mobility in the developing world...

Educational mobility Developing countries Educational expansion
Journal Article
What determines administrative capacity in developing countries?

Part of Journal Special Issue Public economics and development action

State capacity Administrative capacity Public finance management
Working Paper
Social norms as a barrier to women’s employment in developing countries

This paper discusses cultural barriers to women’s participation and success in the labor market in developing countries...

Culture Institutions Developing countries
Journal Article
Agricultural extension, intra-household allocation and malaria

Can agricultural development programs improve health-related outcomes? We exploit a spatial discontinuity in the coverage of a large-scale agricultural extensionprogram in Uganda to causally identify its effects on malaria...

Administrative law Agriculture Economic development
Journal Article
The Effects of the Value-Added Tax on Revenue and Inequality

This paper examines the impact of the introduction of the value-added tax on inequality and government revenues using newly released macro data...

Economic development Equality and inequality Taxation
Clientelist politics and economic development – theories, perspectives and new directions

Theme: Transforming states

Clientelism Politics Economic development
Working Paper
Empirical challenges comparing inequality across countries: The case of middle-income countries from the LIS database

This study presents new empirical results, using microdata from the LIS database, on development patterns in economic inequality for a set of countries that are less covered in the empirical literature, mostly due to the lack of appropriate data...

Economic development Equality Middle-income countries
Book Chapter
Understanding and characterizing the services sector in South Africa: an overview

From the book: Industries without Smokestacks

Services Economic development South Africa
Book Chapter
Career dynamics and gender gaps among employees in the microfinance sector

From the book: Towards Gender Equity in Development

Gender gap Job mobility Promotion
Journal Article
Exploring regional and gender disparities in Beninese primary school attendance: A multilevel approach

DHS data is combined with school supply statistics to study primary school attendance in the 2005–06 school year in Benin, a country that has seen almost unparalleled increases in attendance since the 1990s...

Economic development Demand for schooling Africa
Journal Article
Introduction: Fiscal Policy, State Building and Economic Development

Part of Journal Special Issue Fiscal Policy, State Building and Economic Development

Tax policy Economic development Developing countries
Journal Special Issue
Fiscal Policy, State Building and Economic Development

This journal presents a synopsis of the contextual conditions, factors and challenges under which the recent evolution of tax systems has taken place, as an introduction to this United Nations University-World Institute for Development Economics Rese...

Fiscal policy Economic development Taxation
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