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Economic inequality
Working Paper
The social psychology of economic inequality

In this review, I provide an overview of the literature investigating the social psychology of economic inequality, focusing on individuals’ understandings, perceptions, and reactions to inequality...

Inequality Economic inequality Psychological aspects (Economics)
Research Brief
Does exchange rate volatility amplify existing inequalities in South Africa?

Even though poverty and inequality have been of overriding concern in South Africa’s development policies and programmes since its democratization in 1994, measures of poverty, inequality, and related phenomena in the country do not show a clea...

Functional distribution Income distribution Economic inequality
35 years of research for change – what's next?: Building just societies

To celebrate its 35 th birthday, UNU-WIDER has looked back at some of its greatest achievements...

Structural transformation Economic inequality Economic development
The developer’s dilemma in India – the role of politics and economic ideology

Policy makers seeking inclusive growth frequently face the developer’s dilemma between prioritizing structural transformation, which is potentially inequitable, and keeping a check on rising economic inequality...

Structural transformation Economic inequality Economic development
Late development, early adoption – how new technology is reshaping the future of structural change

Technological catch-up is bringing new asynchronies to development pathways. What does this mean for employment, globalization, and inequality?...

Structural transformation Technology Developer's dilemma
Studying COVID-19 through the lens of microsimulation: The role of tax and benefit policies in alleviating poverty and inequality

As the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, developing nations are struggling to deliver economic assistance and public services to their citizens, under pressures of fiscal constraints and tax revenue losses...

Tax-benefit microsimulation Tax-benefit policy Individual poverty
35 years of research for change: Bringing inequality to the fore (1998-2020)

UNU-WIDER released the world’s first estimates of the global wealth distribution in 2007 – one result of a 2004 – 05 project, ‘ Personal Assets from a Global Perspective ’...

Global inequality Economic inequality
Research Brief
Analysing the spread of education and healthcare in Asia Healthcare Education policy State
UNU-WIDER at 35: Letter from the Director

2020 promised to be a big year for UNU-WIDER, with the celebration of our 35th anniversary, the 45th birthday of UNU, and 75 years of the UN...

Structural adjustment (Economic policy) IMF Human Development Report
Project workshop
Inequality and governance in unstable democracies – the mediating role of trust: 2nd Annual Workshop

More than 30 participants attended the 2nd annual workshop for ‘Trust and Governance’ project, held virtually on the 16th and 17th April 2020. The workshop was initially set to be held in Colombia but had to be moved to a virtual...

16 April 202017 April 2020
Virtual (Zoom)
Past event
Research Brief
A snapshot of poverty and inequality in Asia: Experience over the last fifty years Economic inequality Chronic Poverty Asia
Deepak Nayyar lecture at LSE on Resurgent Asia

The lecture will analyse the phenomenal transformation of Asia, which would have been difficult to imagine, let alone predict, fifty years ago. In doing so, it provides an analytical narrative of this remarkable story of economic development,...

4 March 2020
LSE Lecture Theatre, Centre Building, LSE, 1 Charing Cross, Westminster, London, United Kingdom
Past event
Why is inequality in South Africa higher than in Germany?: Explaining income distributions with ‘decompositions’

The understanding of inequality requires the analysis of changes in income distributions across countries and over time as well as the identification of its drivers...

Economic inequality Income inequality Methodology (Economics)
Panel discussion
Special panel on inequality A UNU-WIDER special panel on inequality — measurement, implications, and influencing change
28 February 2020
House of Science and Letters, Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Working Paper
Measuring multidimensional inequality of opportunity

This paper develops a normative approach to the measurement of ex-ante inequality of opportunity in a multidimensional setting—that is, when the individual outcome is represented by a multidimensional variable...

Equality of opportunity Economic inequality Multidimensional welfare
Delhi School of Economics lecture on economic development in Asia, by Deepak Nayyar

On 14 January Professor Deepak Nayyar will attend the Delhi School of Economics to give a lecture on ‘Economic development in Asia: Learning from half a century of transformation’. The lecture draws from his recently published book,...

14 January 2020
Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi, India
Past event
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