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Economic inequality
Deepak Nayyar lecture at LSE on Resurgent Asia

The lecture will analyse the phenomenal transformation of Asia, which would have been difficult to imagine, let alone predict, fifty years ago. In doing so, it provides an analytical narrative of this remarkable story of economic development,...

4 March 2020
LSE Lecture Theatre, Centre Building, LSE, 1 Charing Cross, Westminster, London, United Kingdom
Past event
Why is inequality in South Africa higher than in Germany?: Explaining income distributions with ‘decompositions’

The understanding of inequality requires the analysis of changes in income distributions across countries and over time as well as the identification of its drivers...

Economic inequality Income inequality Methodology (Economics)
Panel discussion
Special panel on inequality A UNU-WIDER special panel on inequality — measurement, implications, and influencing change
28 February 2020
House of Science and Letters, Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Working Paper
Measuring multidimensional inequality of opportunity

This paper develops a normative approach to the measurement of ex-ante inequality of opportunity in a multidimensional setting—that is, when the individual outcome is represented by a multidimensional variable...

Equality of opportunity Economic inequality Multidimensional welfare
Delhi School of Economics lecture on economic development in Asia, by Deepak Nayyar

On 14 January Professor Deepak Nayyar will attend the Delhi School of Economics to give a lecture on ‘Economic development in Asia: Learning from half a century of transformation’. The lecture draws from his recently published book,...

14 January 2020
Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi, India
Past event
The impact of inequality on growth, human development, and governance @EQUAL

Theme: Transforming societies

Economic inequality
Panel discussion
Asian Transformations panel discussion at India International Centre

On 23 December, Professor Deepak Nayyar, editor of Asian Transformations , led a panel discussion on the recent publication at the India International Centre in New Delhi. The book, Asian Transformations: An Inquiry into the Development of Nations...

23 December 2019
India International Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, India
Past event
Erwin Bulte Erwin Bulte on participatory resource management, elite capture and local livelihoods
18 December 2019
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
In the media
Unsplash / Yi Ling International media and events share lessons from Deepak Nayyar’s new book Asia Economic transformation Gunnar Myrdal
Deepak Nayyar Resurgent Asia - Diversity in Development
15 November 2019
Ministry of Interior, meeting room Kruunu, Kirkkokatu 12, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
China Unsplash Economic development in Asia: Learning from a half-century of transformations
13 November 2019
IIES, A822, Universitetsvägen 10, 114 18 , Stockholm, Sweden
Past event
Working Paper
On the political and social consequences of economic inequality: Civic engagement in Colombia

This paper investigates the impact of inequality on individual civic engagement at the community level, whether this impact persists over time, and what mechanisms may shape the relationship between inequality and civic engagement...

Civic participation Collective action Colombia
Book Chapter
Macroeconomic Perspective on Development

From the book: Asian Transformations

Unemployment Labour market State
Research Brief
A game of snakes and ladders with loaded dice: Socioeconomic class and poverty in South Africa

South Africa is often cited as the most unequal economy in the world...

Economic inequality Poverty Dynamics Social stratification
Journal Article
Introduction to Special Issue on: ‘Inequalities in the Least Developed Countries – Some Lessons from Africa’

Part of Journal Special Issue Inequalities in the least developed countries

Economic inequality Multidimensional poverty Inequality and Well-being
Measuring inequality in middle-income countries

Income inequality is the result of complex processes with multiple interacting driving forces but understanding those drivers in emerging economies is particularly difficult because of data and analytical challenges...

Global inequality Economic inequality Top incomes
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