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Working Paper
Mining’s contribution to low- and middle-income economies

In several low- and middle-income countries with important extractive sectors, gross national income has developed favourably. Africa has benefitted most, particularly West Africa...

Mining Development Tax revenue
Working Paper
Dependence on extractive industries in lower-income countries: The statistical tendencies

This paper synthesizes statistical information evidencing the proposition that extractive industries are of great significance in many low- and middle-income developing economies...

Development Oil Gas
Working Paper
Rwanda: From devastation to services-first transformation

Since civil war and genocide left the country in ruins, Rwanda has undergone a remarkable transformation...

Africa Economic growth Exports
Journal Article
Learning by Exporting: The Case of Mozambican Manufacturing

Part of Journal Special Issue Learning to Compete

Firm level analysis Learning spillovers Exports
Journal Article
Learning to export and learning from exporting: The case of Ethiopian manufacturing

Part of Journal Special Issue Learning to Compete

Exports Learning Africa
Working Paper
Industries without smokestacks: Implications for Ethiopia’s industrialization

Although the manufacturing sector is known to have a unique role in structural transformation, the industries without smokestacks that include tradable services (e.g., IT, tourism, transport), horticulture, and agro-industry can provide new opportuni...

Ethiopia Exports Tourism
Working Paper
Regional opportunities in East Africa

Significant progress has been made by the East African Community partner states in implementing the East African Community customs union...

Exports Free trade Customs union
Working Paper
Industries without smokestacks: Mozambique country case study

Under the current international economic conditions, where Asian countries are strong competitors in the manufacturing commodities, low-income countries like Mozambique could attempt to compete in industries without smokestacks...

Industries Exports policy
Working Paper
Senegal : A service economy in need of an export boost

This paper first summarizes the macroeconomic and trade performance of Senegal, emphasizing the limits of traditional exports...

Exports Services Tourism
Research Brief
Supermarkets and regional growth in Southern Africa

Supermarkets are potential partners in regional industrial development and should be considered in future policy making While the growth of supermarkets in the region has improved competitive pricing and accessibility to a broader range of products a...

southern Africa Economic growth Regional growth
In the media
Made in Africa book mentioned in Nigerian newspaper 'Business Online' column

There is an urgent need to diversify Nigeria’s economy, but what really means economic diversification for Nigerian policy makers?

Industrial development Nigeria Exports
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