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Food security
How Can Governments Better Respond to Global Food Price Fluctuations?

Much of UNU-WIDER’s research in the last few years was initiated under the 2010-13 work programme on the triple crisis of finance, food, and climate change. The financial crisis from 2008 onwards has received massive worldwide attention...

Economic policy Structural adjustment (Economic policy) Food security
Research Brief
The political economy of food price policy in Egypt

The Egyptian food system has been affected by both global food markets and domestic factors...

Agriculture Fiscal policy Food industry and trade
Research Brief
Policy processes and the global food price crisis 2007-08

The recent food price crisis and the responses of the policy makers in developing countries provide an unprecedented opportunity to analyse the policy processes in these countries...

Accounting Aeronautics, Commercial Agriculture
Working Paper
Does Food Insecurity Impact Subjective Evaluation of Well-being?: Evidence From a Developing Country

Understanding the relationship between food insecurity and subjective evaluation of well-being is critical in designing social welfare policies, especially in developing countries. Surprisingly, literature on the topic is scarce...

Food security Quality of life Welfare economics
From the Editor’s Desk (February 2015)

February found UNU-WIDER busy sending out Calls for Papers on topics ranging from social protection to clean energy to discrimination and affirmative action. You can find them here . There are more to come...

Agricultural industries Climatic changes Economic assistance and foreign aid
Research Brief
Food security in Bangladesh

Global food price hikes during 2007-08 resulted in a sharp rise in staple food prices in Bangladesh, which in turn led to a significant rise in the number of households falling below the poverty line...

Agriculture Food security
Research Brief
The political economy of food price policy in China

The global food crisis in 2007–08 raised concerns everywhere, including in China...

Agriculture Food industry and trade Food security

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of UNU-WIDER. The Institute opened its doors in 1985. It has been quite a ride ever since. We have had thousands of economists and other social scientists through those Helsinki doors since 1985...

Climatic changes History (Economics) Equality and inequality
Policy Brief
How do governments respond to food price volatility? Agricultural industries Food security Food supply
From the Editor’s Desk (January 2015)

We are now into 2015, and the year is already gathering speed. 2015 is of course the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, and a major year in global development with the conclusion of the MDG process, and the start of a new chapter with the SDGs...

Agricultural industries Balance of payments Children
WIDER Annual Lecture 18: Managing Structural Transformation

18 December 2014 Roger Williamson At the UN headquarters in New York on 18 November 2014, Peter Timmer, emeritus professor from Harvard, showed how the three transformations (structural, agricultural, and dietary) relate to development...

Agriculture Climatic changes Structural adjustment (Economic policy)
Food Price Policy in an Era of Market Instability: A Political Economy Analysis

This book is Open Access and available here . Food price volatility is one of the major challenges facing current and future global food systems...

Agricultural industries Food security Food supply
Lessons from ReCom in a post-2015 perspective

ReCom (Research and Communication on Foreign Aid) occupied a key role in UNU-WIDER’s 2010-13 work programme addressing the triple crisis: Finance, Food and Climate Change. Some 240 ReCom studies were prepared during a period of 3-years by...

8 October 2014
SIDA, Valhallavägen 199, Stockholm, Sweden
Past event
Journal Article
Technology Adoption and Food Security in Subsistence Agriculture: Evidence from a Group-Based Aid Project in Mozambique

This paper evaluates the impact of an intervention to improve farming techniques and food security in the Gaza area of rural Mozambique...

Agriculture Food security Technological innovations
Working Paper
An Integrated Analysis of Economywide Effects of Climate Change

The effects of climate change in Turkey are expected to be significant...

Agriculture Climatic changes Equilibrium (Economics)
Multidimensional Poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo

25 June 2014 Malokele Nanivazo After a long series of conflicts and apparent macroeconomic mismanagement, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) seems to be breaking from its thorny history...

Children Government policy (Poor) Education
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