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Ayu Pratiwi and Milla Nyyssölä on land rights and inter-generational resource allocations in Tanzania

On 17 November 2021 Turku University researcher Ayu Pratiwi and UNU-WIDER Research Associate Milla Nyyssölä give a presentation at the weekly online seminar of the Labour Institute for Economic Research . The topic of their presentation is...

17 November 2021
online, Finland
Past event
Book Chapter
Gender and social mobility: Gender attitudes and women’s labour force participation

From the book: Social mobility in developing countries

Gender Gender attitudes Norms
Book Chapter
Social mobility in China: A case study of social mobility research in the Global South

Part of Journal Special Issue Social mobility in developing countries

Social mobility Gender Log-linear models
Roosa Lambin and Milla Nyyssölä on social protection and gender in Tanzania

On 29 September 2021 UNU-WIDER researchers Roosa Lambin and Milla Nyyssölä give a presentation at the weekly online seminar of the Labour Institute for Economic Research . The topic of their presentation is Social protection and gender in...

29 September 2021
online, Finland
Past event
Kanika Mahajan – IEA featured economist interview

Kanika Mahajan, a researcher engaged in UNU-WIDER's project on 'The changing nature of work and inequality', is the August 2021 featured economist of the International Economic Association (IEA)...

Inequality Labour economics Gender
Journal Article
Occupational gender segregation in post-apartheid South Africa

This study shows that occupations in South Africa are segregated and stratified by gender...

Gender Occupational segregation Stratification
Journal Article
Do gender wage differences within households influence women's empowerment and welfare?: Evidence from Ghana

Using household data from the latest wave of the Ghana Living Standards Survey, this paper utilizes machine learning techniques – IV LASSO – that allows for the treatment of unconfoundedness in the selection of observables and unobservabl...

Wage gap Households Women's empowerment
Journal Article
Gender priming in solidarity games: The Philippine context

What is the effect of gender priming on solidarity behavior? We explore a two-player solidarity game where players can insure each other against risk of losses. We test this experimentally in a developing country setting, the Philippines...

Gender priming Gender differences
Working Paper
Gender differences in formal wage employment in urban Tanzania

This paper uses the latest Tanzania labour force survey—the Integrated Labour Force Survey—and a censored bivariate probit model to analyse gender differences in labour force participation and gender bias in formal wage employment in urba...

Labour force participation Formal Regression analysis
Working Paper
Gender disparities in financial inclusion in Tanzania

Although Tanzania has made notable progress in enhancing access to financial services, the gender gap in financial inclusion persists...

Gender Financial inclusion Mobile money
Working Paper
Young women’s transitions from education to the labour market in Ethiopia: A gendered life-course perspective

We investigate the causes of the gender disparity in labour market participation in Ethiopia using iterative quantitative and qualitative longitudinal analysis through the whole childhood of the individual into early adulthood, from age 8 up to age 2...

Gender Female labour force participation Ethiopia
Maureen Odongo on gender disparities and financial inclusion in Tanzania

Maureen Odongo gave a presentation on 15 April 2021, as part of the Sustainable development solutions for Tanzania – strengthening research to achieve SDGs project. The presentation was held as a webinar, in collaboration with UONGOZI...

15 April 2021
Online, Dar es Salaam
Past event
Working Paper
Dynastic measures of inter-generational mobility with empirical evidence from Indonesia

We suggest a simple and flexible criterion to assess inter-generational mobility...

Intergenerational Mobility Education Welfare
Working Paper
Intergenerational mobility in occupational choices: Are there gender differences in Ghana?

Historically, the issue of intergenerational evolution of income, wealth, and socioeconomic status has been the subject of considerable research in the analysis of inequality...

Intergenerational Mobility socioeconomic status Occupational choice
Working Paper
The gendered crisis: livelihoods and mental well-being in India during COVID-19

This paper studies the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the gendered dimensions of employment and mental health among urban informal-sector workers in India...

COVID-19 Informal sector Employment
Supply or demand? Exploring the mechanisms behind the rise of female labour force participation in Mexico

At the global level, gender gaps in labour force participation have narrowed and over half a billion women have joined the workforce in the last 30 years...

Women's work Female labour force participation Economics
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