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Government business enterprises
Working Paper
From the Grabbing Hand to the Helping Hand: A Rent Seeking Model of China’s Township-Village Enterprises

I present a study of ownership of firms under government rent seeking. Using its control of regulated inputs, a government agency extracts rents from a manager who undertakes an investment...

Government business enterprises Microeconomics Organizational behavior
Working Paper
Privatization in Sub-Saharan Africa: On Factors Affecting Implementation

Although privatization has been a key feature of economic policy in Africa since the early 1990s its sequencing and intensity have varied from country to country, with donor leverage being an important determinant of the pace of implementation...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic policy Government business enterprises
Working Paper
Entrepreneurship and Proprietorship in Transition: Policy Implications for the Small- and Medium-Size Enterprise Sector

In this paper, the role of small and medium size enterprises in the economic transformation of the countries of Central Europe is assessed...

Entrepreneurship Government business enterprises Post-communism
Working Paper
The Evolutionary Dynamics of China's Small- and Medium- Sized enterprises in the 1990s

Since 1992 a series of radical and successful reforms of their ownership and governance structures have been conducted by China's small and medium enterprises (SMEs)...

Corporate governance Government business enterprises Post-communism
Working Paper
State-Owned versus Township and Village Enterprises in China

This study presents an up-to-date survey of the comparison issue between state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and township and village enterprises (TVEs) in China...

Government business enterprises Personnel management Social responsibility of business
Working Paper
Decentralized Socialism and Macroeconomic Stability: Lessons from China

Using a survey of 300 state-owned enterprises (SOEs), we argue that the acceleration of inflation in China after 1984 was caused by the decentralization reforms in the state sector...

Budget deficits Economic growth Government business enterprises
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