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Health care
Journal Article
Measuring quality of health-care services: what is known and where are the gaps?

Part of Journal Special Issue Measuring quality of care

Health SDG3 Universal Health Coverage
Journal Article
Understanding and measuring quality of care: dealing with complexity

Existing definitions and measurement approaches of quality of health care often fail to address the complexities involved in understanding quality of care...

Health SDG3 Universal Health Coverage
Journal Article
Nurse-led HIV services and quality of care at health facilities in Kenya, 2014–2016

Objective To develop a novel measure to characterize human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) programme quality at health facilities in Kenya and explore its associations with patient- and facility-level characteristics...

Health SDG3 Universal Health Coverage
Journal Article
Evaluation of a social franchising and telemedicine programme and the care provided for childhood diarrhoea and pneumonia, Bihar, India

Objective To evaluate the impact on the quality of the care provided for childhood diarrhoea and pneumonia in Bihar, India, of a large-scale, social franchising and telemedicine programme – the World Health Partners’ Sky Program...

Health SDG3 Universal Health Coverage
Journal Article
Assessing the quality of primary care in Haiti

Objective To develop a composite measure of primary care quality and apply it to Haiti’s primary care system...

Health SDG3 Universal Health Coverage
Journal Article
Improving health-care quality in resource-poor settings

Improvements in health-care quality can contribute to healthier populations. However, many global and national health strategies are not sufficiently considering the issues of measuring and improving health-care quality in lowresource settings...

Health SDG3 Universal Health Coverage
Working Paper
Ethnic fragmentation, public good provision, and inequality in India, 1988-2012

Using data from various rounds of the nationally representative NSSO survey between 1988 and 2012, we first construct national, state, and district-level figures for overall, within and between consumption inequality...

Education Equality and inequality Health care
Working Paper
Impact of post-conflict development interventions on maternal healthcare utilization

We evaluate the effectiveness of a post-conflict development programme on maternal health-care utilization in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh...

Children Health care
Working Paper
Poor Health Reporting: Do Poor South Africans Underestimate Their Health Needs?

Researchers often rely on household survey data to investigate health disparities and the incidence and prevalence of illness. These self-reported health measures are often biased due to information asymmetry or differences in reference groups...

Equality and inequality Health care Public health
Journal Article
Non-Clinical Interventions for Acute Respiratory Infections and Diarrhoeal Diseases among Young Children in Developing Countries

To assess the effectiveness of non-clinical interventions against acute respiratory infections and diarrhoeal diseases among young children in developing countries...

Health care Public health
UNU-WIDER Inequality Conference 2014: Country Comparisons and Conceptual Approaches

18 December 2014 Roger Williamson In an earlier article I reviewed a number of the high-profile contributions to the September 2014 conference on inequality . It is now time to dig deeper into the material presented at the event...

Comparative economics Economic growth Government policy (Poor)
Multidimensional Poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo

25 June 2014 Malokele Nanivazo After a long series of conflicts and apparent macroeconomic mismanagement, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) seems to be breaking from its thorny history...

Children Government policy (Poor) Education
Report from Gender Equality Results Meeting

Roger Williamson The Danish State Secretary for Development Policy Charlotte Slente , welcomed the participants and contributors to the meeting and stressed the centrality of gender equality to Danish development policy ...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development Education
Working Paper
Health Shocks and Coping Strategies: State Health Insurance Scheme of Andhra Pradesh, India

The objectives of the study are three-fold: to investigate who are vulnerable to welfare loss from health shocks, what are the household responses to cope with the economic burden of health shocks and if policy responses like state health insurance s...

Health Health care Economic aspects (Households)
Book Chapter
Thailand's Development Strategy and Growth Performance

From the book: Achieving Development Success

Economic development Environmental aspects (Economic development) Education
From the Editor's Desk (August 2012)

Tony Addison With this issue, Angle returns refreshed from its Nordic summer break. The sun continues to shine on the Baltic, although it is getting noticeably chillier as we now head into the autumn...

Economic aspects (Environment) Children Climatic changes
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