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Human capital
The relationship between human capital and economic development -status: It’s complicated

Human capital for development Conventional wisdom on economic growth and development emphasizes the importance of human capital. But is the link between education and income as robust as we think?...

Economic growth Human capital
Working Paper
Gender bias in education during conflict: Evidence from Assam

Using a large-scale novel panel dataset (2005–14) on schools from the Indian state of Assam, we test for the impact of violent conflict on female students’ enrollment rates...

Education Equality and inequality Human capital
Working Paper
Does HIV/AIDS matter for economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa?

Estimating the impact of HIV/AIDS epidemic on economic growth is challenging because of endogeneity concerns...

Economic growth Human capital Macroeconomics
Book Chapter
Capacity Development for Transformation

From the book: Oxford Handbook of Africa and Economics, Vol. 2...

Economic development Human capital Institutional economics
Book Chapter
The Success of Learnerships :: Lessons from South Africa’s Training and Education Programme

From the book: African Youth and the Persistence of Marginalization

Economic aspects (Education) Human capital Unemployment
Book Chapter
Tourism and Economic Growth :: African Evidence from Panel Vector Autoregressive Framework

Using a panel vector autoregressive model this paper investigates the dynamic and endogeneous contribution of tourism to output based on a sample of 40 African countries for the period 1990–2006...

Economic development Human capital Investments
Working Paper
Public and Private Expenditures on Human Capital Accumulation in India

We study a model of human capital driven growth, where the parent’s human capital serves as a productive input in the child’s human capital production only when that of the former exceeds a minimum level required to intellectually contrib...

Economic growth Education Equality and inequality
Working Paper
Health shocks and the intergenerational transmission of inequality: Evidence from Andhra Pradesh, India

This paper explores the intergenerational effects of parental health shocks using longitudinal data from the Young Lives project conducted in Andhra Pradesh, India...

Econometric models (Economic development) Economic development projects Health
Working Paper
The Practice of Industrial Policy – Lessons for Africa: Co-ordination Through an Asian Lens

African countries are facing great opportunities but also formidable challenges in accelerating economic growth and sustaining a high level of economic performance...

Economic growth Structural adjustment (Economic policy) Human capital
Rising Inequality – How to Reverse It?

30 October 2014 Dominik Etienne and Annett Victorero The last decade has witnessed a revival of concern over the impact of high-income concentration on economic development and wellbeing...

Economic development Economic growth Economic policy
Working Paper
Skills-Biased Labour Demand and the Pursuit of Inclusive Growth in South Africa

This paper examines the changing nature of occupational labour-market trends in South Africa and the resulting impact on wages. We observe high levels of demand for skilled labour that have intensified a trend already established before 1994...

Econometric models (Economic development) Equality and inequality Human capital
Does Aid Make Economic Sense?

26 March 2014 Finn Tarp Foreign aid is often seen as different from other forms of investment, and some argue that rather than having a positive effect it tends to distort economies and may potentially slow growth and development...

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic growth
Working Paper
The Success of Learnerships?: Lessons from South Africa’s Training and Education Programme

Vocational training programmes, like South Africa’s learnership programme, which combine classroom learning and on-the-job training seem like the type of intervention which can create skills, get young people into jobs quicker, and reduce youth...

Economic aspects (Education) Human capital Unemployment
Working Paper
Capacity Development for the Transformation of Africa

Countries need capacity for a variety of reasons, including sustaining economic growth, generating jobs, reducing poverty, effectively managing development programmes, and transforming societies and economies...

Economic development Human capital Institutional economics
What did we Learn at the L2C Conference about Industrial Development and Policy in Africa?

22 August 2013 Roger Williamson Given the high growth rates since 2000 and low labour costs, Africa could develop manufacturing industry, agro-processing, and services...

Education Structural adjustment (Economic policy) Human capital
Achieving Development Success: Strategies and Lessons from the Developing World

This book presents development strategies and lessons based on a large range of 'success' countries across the developing world. In addition to the country cases, it presents regional and overall syntheses that cover orthodox vs...

Economic development Economic policy History (Economics)
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