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Working Paper
Kuznets’ tension in India: Two episodes

Developing countries face a trade-off between the twin objectives of structural transformation and inclusive growth. This is the ‘developer’s dilemma’...

Developer's dilemma India Inequality
Journal Article
Effects of peers and rank on cognition, preferences, and personality

ARTICLE ON EARLY VIEW: We exploit the variation in admission cutoffs across colleges at a leading Indian university to estimate the causal effects of enrolling in a selective college on cognitive attainment, economic preferences, and Big Five persona...

Cognitive attainment Behaviour Personality
Working Paper
Income mobility in the developing world: Recent approaches and evidence

This paper examines income mobility in developing countries. We start by synthesizing findings from the available evidence on relative mobility and poverty dynamics...

Intragenerational mobility Intergenerational Mobility Welfare dynamics
Kunal Sen on politicians and their promises in an uncertain world
15 August 2019
UNU-WIDER, Katajanokanlaituri 6 B, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
In the media
Kunal Sen talking to BBC India’s elections and the economic impact of Modi’s first term India Elections Podcast
Working Paper
Digital technologies and ‘value’ capture in global value chains: Empirical evidence from Indian manufacturing firms

This paper examines whether digitalization can be a driver of ‘upgrading’ in global value chains and help developing countries move into higher value-added activities...

Technology Global value chains Manufacturing
Journal Article
Using Legal Empowerment for Labour Rights in India

Part of Journal Special Issue Legal Empowerment and Group-Based Inequality

Labour Judicial activism Legal empowerment
Working Paper
Explaining cross-state earnings inequality differentials in India: An RIF decomposition approach

Despite the relevance of geographical disparities in India, earnings inequality occurs mostly within states, but with a broad range of variability in its levels...

Earnings inequality RIF States
Peer influence and human capital accumulation: Evidence from Delhi University colleges

College is an important milestone in life that is believed to develop several aspects of an individual's human capital, broadly defined to include both cognitive and socio-emotional traits...

Cognitive attainment Behaviour Personality
Working Paper
Quality of routine essential care during childbirth: Clinical observations of uncomplicated births in Uttar Pradesh, India

Objective: To evaluate the quality of essential care during normal labour and childbirth in maternity facilities in Uttar Pradesh, India...

Childbirth India Quality of care
Working Paper
Cognitive, socioemotional, and behavioural returns to college quality

We exploit the variation in the admissions process across colleges of a leading Indian university to estimate the causal effects of enrolling in a selective college on: cognitive attainment using scores on standardized university exams; behavioural p...

Cognitive attainment Behaviour Personality
Working Paper
Using legal empowerment for labour rights in India

This paper brings labour back into the literature on legal empowerment against poverty. Employing a historical lens, I outline three waves of legal movements. Each wave is distinguished by its timing, the state-level target, and the actors involved...

Labour Judicial activism Legal empowerment
In the media
Research Fellow Smriti Sharma’s article on gender equality in India picked up

An article on gender equality in India written by UNU-WIDER’s Smriti Sharma is getting international attention. The piece, originally published in The Conversation , has been picked up by the US edition of The Huffington Post — pointing...

Gender equality India
Inequality in the giants

Theme: Inclusion

Inequality Mexico India
Evaluating the impact of training in a national microfinance program: Self help groups in India

Presented by: Dr Ranjula Bali Swain (Department of Economics, Uppsala University). Abstract This paper evaluates the impact of widespread training programs provided by the Self Help Group (SHG) program. Indian SHGs are mainly NGO-formed microfinance...

30 January 2013
UNU-WIDER, Helsinki, Finland
Past event
Southern engines of global growth

Theme: 2006-07

The project centers on the inter-linkages between the major developing countries of Brazil, India, China and South Africa and the global economy, with a special emphasis on the implications of China’s growth on smaller economies and the rest...

Globalization and Trade Growth Trade
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