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Informal sector
Nandera Mhando and Nasibu Mramba on improving young women’s working conditions in Tanzania’s urban food vending sector

Nandera Mhando and Nasibu Mramba gave a presentation on 14 April 2021, as part of the Sustainable development solutions for Tanzania – strengthening research to achieve SDGs project. The presentation was held as a webinar, in collaboration...

14 April 2021
Online, Dar es Salaam
Past event
Working Paper
What sustains informality?: A study of the interactions between formal- and informal-sector firms

We consider two vertical links between informal- and formal-sector firms and study their implications...

Informal sector Income distribution Supply and demand
Working Paper
The gendered crisis: livelihoods and mental well-being in India during COVID-19

This paper studies the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the gendered dimensions of employment and mental health among urban informal-sector workers in India...

COVID-19 Informal sector Employment
Working Paper
Towards sustainable livelihood in the Tanzanian informal economy: Facilitating inclusion, organization, and rights for street vendors

In spite of having some intensive national strategies to address poverty, Tanzania lacks a coherent national strategy to ensure sustainable livelihoods for those working in its informal economy, of which street vending is an important sector...

Tanzania Livelihoods Informal sector
Working Paper
Job quality and labour market transitions: Evidence from Mexican informal and formal workers

In this paper we analyse informal work in Mexico, which accounts for the majority of employment in the country and has grown over time...

Informal work job quality Labour market dynamics
Working Paper
Transforming informal work and livelihoods in China

The informal sector has long been viewed as a locus of the disadvantaged, unskilled, and inexperienced workers in under-developed and developing economies...

China Informal sector Livelihoods
Working Paper
Finance, gender, and entrepreneurship: India’s informal sector firms

How does informal economic activity respond to increased financial inclusion? Does it become more entrepreneurial?...

Entrepreneurship Financial constraints Gender
Working Paper
Progress and stagnation in the livelihood of informal workers in an emerging economy: Long-term evidence from Indonesia

We use long-spanning individual longitudinal data to examine the long-term labour market outcomes of low-tier informal workers...

Earnings Indonesia Informal sector
Virgyl Sowah, Unsplash, African Cities UNU-WIDER joins major new research consortium analysing African cities Urban economics Informal sector Partnerships for Development
Research Brief
How important are management practices for micro, small, and medium enterprises in Vietnam? Entrepreneurship Informal sector Small and medium enterprises
Myanmar Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Survey 2019: Descriptive Report

The 2019 descriptive report of the Myanmar Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Survey is the second quantitative report of the Myanmar Enterprises Monitoring System (MEMS) project...

SMEs Informal sector Manufacturing
Book Chapter
Why do household businesses stay informal?

From the book: Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam

Formal and informal Informal sector Household business
Book Chapter
How important are management practices for the productivity of small and medium enterprises?

From the book: Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam

Entrepreneurship Informal sector Small and medium enterprises
Journal Article
Informality and poverty in Ecuador

This paper uses national representative data from the Ecuadorian Family Expenditure survey to study the determinants of poverty and informality in the country, taking into account the two-way relationship between these two phenomena...

Informal sector Poverty
Myanmar Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises 2018 Qualitative Study

The purpose of this report is to give a nuanced picture of the SME business environment in Myanmar as a complement to the 2017 MSME quantitative survey conducted within the project ‘ Towards Inclusive Development in Myanmar ’...

SMEs Manufacturing Informal sector
Working Paper
Financial disincentives to formal work: Evidence from Ecuador and Colombia

The aim of this paper is to quantify the financial cost that informal workers would incur in the event of entering formality, accounting for potential earnings gains upon entry...

Formalization Informal sector Informality
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