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Infrastructure (Economics)
What did we Learn at the L2C Conference about Industrial Development and Policy in Africa?

22 August 2013 Roger Williamson Given the high growth rates since 2000 and low labour costs, Africa could develop manufacturing industry, agro-processing, and services...

Education Structural adjustment (Economic policy) Human capital
Working Paper
Characterizing Wind Power Resource Reliability in Southern Africa

Producing electricity from wind is attractive because it provides a clean, low-maintenance power supply...

Infrastructure (Economics) Power resources Renewable energy
Working Paper
Infrastructure and Climate Change: Impacts and Adaptations for the Zambezi River Valley

The African Development Bank has called for US$40 billion per year over the coming decades to be provided to African countries to address development issues directly related to climate change...

Climate change Econometric models (Economic development) Public expenditures
Voices from Fragile States: The Resilient Problem of Human Development

Jamie Bleck and Kristin Michelitch [1] Mali has continued to be in the news since its military coup in March 2012...

Household survey Infrastructure (Economics) Social conflict
Working Paper
The European Investment Bank: Lessons for Developing Countries

The paper considers the experience of the European Investment Bank and addresses policy lessons for developing countries as they seek finance for development...

Banking Economic development Environment
Book Chapter
Japan's Model of Economic Development: Relevant and Non-relevant Elements for Developing Economies

From the book: Development Success

Commercial policy Economic development Industrial policy
Book Chapter
Should Africa Industrialize?

From the book: Pathways to Industrialization in the Twenty-First Century

Business networks Economic development Industrial policy
Youth Employment: A Key Issue

Economist Imed Drine recently left UNU-WIDER and headed with his family for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to take up a new position as a senior economist with the Islamic Development Bank...

Quantitative research methodology Infrastructure (Economics) Institutional economics
Working Paper
Infrastructure and Climate Change: Impacts and Adaptations for South Africa

This paper presents the results of the current study on the impact of climate change on the road and building infrastructure within South Africa...

Climate change Infrastructure (Economics)
Research Brief
The Role of ODA in Infrastructure Financing

It has long been recognized that the creation of an adequate infrastructure is vital for creating sustainable growth and reducing poverty in Africa...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Finance Infrastructure (Economics)
Working Paper
Road Infrastructure and Climate Change in Vietnam

Climate change is a potential threat to Vietnam’s development as current and future infrastructure will be vulnerable to climate change impacts...

Climate change Infrastructure (Economics) Planning (Transportation)
Journal Article
Climate Change and Roads: A Dynamic Stressor-Response Model

Part of Journal Special Issue Climate Change and Economic Development

Climate change Environment Government spending policy
Journal Article
Climate Change, Growth and Infrastructure Investment: The Case of Mozambique

Part of Journal Special Issue Climate Change and Economic Development

Climate change Economic development Infrastructure (Economics)
Working Paper
Aid and Infrastructure Financing: Emerging Challenges with a Focus on Africa

The central argument of this study is that given the magnitude of the investment in infrastructure that is required, especially in Africa, the role of foreign aid in the future should be distinctly different...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Finance Infrastructure (Economics)
Book Chapter
Public-Private Co-operation for Gas Provision in Poor Neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires: Assessing the Impact on Housing Improvements and Health

From the book: Latin American Urban Development into the 21st Century

Gas utilities Infrastructure (Economics) Policy sciences
Resilient People, Fragile Governance: Bangladesh Achieving Middle-Income Status (Part 2)

Lucy Scott Part 1 of this article, which appeared in last month’s issue, discussed the ‘Bangladesh Paradox’ that Bangladesh has made economic and social strides forwards despite having weak governance...

Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
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