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Institutional economics
Book Chapter
Growth and Institutions in African Development

Economic development Economic growth Institutional economics
Growth and Institutions in African Development

Recent years have seen a sustained research effort exploring the African development experience...

Economic development Economic growth Institutional economics
Journal Article
Aid and Institution-Building in Fragile States: What Do We Know? What Can Comparative Analysis Add?

Part of Journal Special Issue Aid and Institution-Building in Fragile States

Comparative economics Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
Journal Special Issue
Aid and Institution-Building in Fragile States: Findings from Comparative Cases

Why and how some states transition successfully from fragile to more robust—and some do not—are both topical and age-old questions...

Comparative economics Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
WIDER Annual Lectures – Taking Stock

​ I am looking forward to WIDER Annual Lecture 18, held 18 November in New York not only because I expect that Peter Timmer will make a distinguished contribution to the understanding of economic transformation, but also because the cumulative impact...

Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
Varying Growth Trajectories of the West and the South: The Role of Inequality and Institutions

27 August 2014 Vladimir Popov Modern economic growth started in the West, not because of the efficiency of various capitalist institutions (elimination of serfdom, free cities, universities)...

Capitalism Economic growth Government policy (Poor)
UNU-WIDER International Development Conference in collaboration with the Central Institute of Economic Management (CIEM): Institutional Reforms for Transformation, Inclusion, and Sustainability

Economic transformation, inclusive growth, and environmental sustainability are core 21st century development challenges in both low- and middle-income countries. Every country has its own institutional history with an evolving balance between the...

29 June 201430 June 2014
Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), 68 Phan Đình Phùng, Quận Ba Đình, Hanoi, Vietnam
Past event
What Do We Know About Aid as We Approach 2015?

The ReCom—Research and Communication on Foreign Aid—programme produced 240 original studies...

Agriculture Children Climate change
Position Paper
Aid, Governance and Fragility

This position paper on Aid, Governance, and Fragility was prepared by UNUWIDER under the ReCom programme of Research (Re) and Communication (Com) on foreign aid...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Institutional economics Social conflict
Working Paper
Capacity Development for the Transformation of Africa

Countries need capacity for a variety of reasons, including sustaining economic growth, generating jobs, reducing poverty, effectively managing development programmes, and transforming societies and economies...

Economic development Human capital Institutional economics
Working Paper
Can the Context Mediate Macro-Policy Outcomes?: Contextual Differences in the Returns to Bolsa Familia in Brazil

Local institutional and structural (meso) factors can play a role in mediating the returns to a macro-social policy. I focus on the Brazilian cash-transfer-programme Bolsa Familia and check how contextual features influence the returns to transfers...

Equality and inequality Institutional economics Government policy (Poor)
Working Paper
The Evolution of Industry in Uganda

The paper looks at the evolution of industry in Uganda examining drivers and constraints since the pre-colonial period in the 1940s to date...

History of economics Evolutionary economics Industrial organization (Economic theory)
Development Success: Historical Accounts from More Advanced Countries

What lessons can be learnt from 'developed' countries that might be useful for developing and emerging economies?...

Economic development History of economics Institutional economics
Working Paper
Overcoming the Limits of Institutional Reform in Uganda

This paper begins by noting that Uganda has been a public sector reform leader in Africa...

Administrative law Government accountability Institutional economics
Working Paper
Foreign Aid, Resource Rents and Institution-Building in Mozambique and Angola

Sharing similar colonial and post-independence civil war experiences, Mozambique and Angola’s development paths are often contrasted, with foreign aid-dependent Mozambique hailed a success compared to oil rentier Angola...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Elite (Social sciences) Public finance
Journal Article
Institutions and African Economies: An Overview

This article presents an overview of the current special issue ‘Institutions and African Economies’...

Agriculture Democracy Economic development
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