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International agencies
Working Paper
Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Productive Employment and Social Protection

The paper attempts to examine the extent to which the ILO-supported projects have contributed to women’s economic empowerment and well-being i.e., from a gender perspective...

Entrepreneurship Feminist economics International agencies
The Nordic Contribution to Development

26 March 2014 Tony Addison The Nordic countries have a long-standing commitment to development, and their work in peace-building has taken Nordic peacemakers into some of the toughest places in the world...

Democracy Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development
Working Paper
Using Evidence and Operational Responses to Accelerate Gender Equality in Kenya

Agriculture is a main contributor to pro-poor growth in Africa, but gender inequalities in the sector hold back agricultural growth and affect household welfare negatively...

Agriculture Economic development International agencies
Working Paper
Aid and Institution-Building in Fragile States: The Case of Somali-Inhabited Eastern Horn of Africa

Institution-building in Somalia has met with high levels of failure for two decades. But successes have occurred in other Somali-inhabited regions of the eastern Horn, and have been especially present at the local and municipal level...

Economic development Economic policy International agencies
Working Paper
Innovation at the World Bank: Selective Perspectives Over Three Decades 1975-2005

The World Bank is uniquely positioned to identify and disseminate innovative development practices...

Economic development International agencies Technological innovations
Working Paper
Environmental and Climate Finance in a New World: How Past Environmental Aid Allocation Impacts Future Climate Aid

In this paper we update previous work that categorizes foreign aid projects in terms of their likely impact on the natural environment...

Climate change Cost effectiveness Economic assistance and foreign aid
Working Paper
Education from the Bottom Up: UNICEF’s Education Programme in Somalia

The failure of the Somali state from 1993 to 2012 represents one of the world’s most profound and prolonged cases of state collapse. Initially, education and other government services came to a standstill...

Children Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development projects
The Many Shades of Fragility

30 October 2013 Carl-Gustav Lindén Despite many successful transitions towards peace and multiparty electoral systems there are still 47 fragile states and economies in the world according to the OECD...

Democratization Economic assistance and foreign aid International agencies
Working Paper
Foreign Aid and Sustainable Forestry

Foreign aid can contribute to sustainable forestry in many ways. The goal is to secure forest benefits of the future, without compromising the needs of the present generations. This paper elaborates on forestry aid as it has evolved in the past...

Agriculture Conservation of natural resources Economic assistance and foreign aid
Working Paper
Foreign Aid and the Failure of State Building in Haiti Under the Duvaliers, Aristide, Préval, and Martelly

After receiving at least US$20 billion in aid for reconstruction and development over the past 60 years, Haiti has been and remains a fragile state, one of the worse globally...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Elite (Social sciences) Government accountability
Working Paper
A Review of External Assistance and Aid Effectiveness for Maternal and Child Health: Challenges and Opportunities

This paper primarily focuses on how global funding has supported interventions that have proven to be successful in reducing maternal, newborn, and child mortality around the world...

Children Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development projects
Research Brief
Aid, Poverty, and the Working Poor

There are over 900 million working people who earn less than US$2 a day, while 200 million people are unemployed...

Economic development International agencies Labour
Research Brief
Gender Sensitivity of World Bank Investments

Many World Bank investments include women’s concerns only superficially. Lack of attention to gender roles negatively impacts women’s rights...

Economic assistance and foreign aid International agencies Women
Good Governance: Is it about Appearance or Action?

27 May 2013 Matt Andrews, Harvard Kennedy School A growing governance agenda and post-2015 ambitions The governance agenda has grown rapidly in the international development community...

Globalization Government accountability International agencies
Aid in the Climate Change Combat

17 April 2013 Carl-Gustav Lindén In recent weeks there have been several large gatherings of experts dealing with how to tackle the complex climate change and environmental problems which our world faces...

Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid Environment
Aid to the Social Sectors – Achievements and Mistakes

22 March 2013 The share of aid to social sectors has grown over the past 20 years. Evidence shows clear links between support to these sectors and poverty reduction, economic growth, and human development. But what works, and why?...

Children Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic growth
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