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Myanmar Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Survey 2019: Descriptive Report

The 2019 descriptive report of the Myanmar Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Survey is the second quantitative report of the Myanmar Enterprises Monitoring System (MEMS) project...

SMEs Informal sector Manufacturing
Book Chapter
Local content in Zambia—a faltering experience?

From the book: Mining for Change

Industrialization Local content Economic linkages
Book Chapter
The construction sector in Zambia

From the book: Mining for Change

Industrialization Local content Economic linkages
Working Paper
Turnin’ it up a notch: how spillovers from foreign direct investment boost the complexity of South Africa’s exports

Countries’ economic complexity, and the associated diversification and sophistication of their exports, is a key determinant of economic growth...

Economic complexity Foreign Direct Investment FDI
Working Paper
Was Kuznets right?: New evidence on the relationship between structural transformation and inequality

We examine the Kuznets postulate that structural transformation leads to higher inequality using comparable panel data for a large number of developing and developed countries for 1960–2012...

Structural transformation Inequality Kuznets
Journal Article
The decline of the labor income share in Mexico: 1990–2015

This article is currently available on early view. The paper studies the decline of the labor income share (LIS) in Mexico during the period 1990–2015...

Labour share Non-tradable sectors Tradable sectors
Research Brief
Dancing with dragons: Can South African firms compete with Chinese imports?

China’s growing edge in export manufacturing has caused concern for low-income and middle-income countries seeking to develop robust manufacturing sectors...

Capabilities Import competition Import
Working Paper
Assessment of demand in agro-processing machinery in the SADC region: A case study of the maize-milling machinery value chain in South Africa and Zambia

This working paper is the fourth in a series that forms part of the project ‘Southern Africa – Towards Inclusive Economic Development’, a three-year partnership between UNU-WIDER and the South African government aimed at generating ...

Agro-processing Industrialization Agricultural industries
Working Paper
Dancing with dragons: Chinese import penetration and the performances of manufacturing firms in South Africa

Using firm-level tax administrative data from 2010 to 2017, we study the impact of Chinese import penetration on the performances of manufacturing firms in South Africa, and whether firms investing in capabilities development are more resilient to su...

Capabilities Import competition Import
MOOC lecture Industrial Policy in the 21st Century – the Challenge for Africa Learning Industrialization Africa's Economic Development
Working Paper
Digital technologies and ‘value’ capture in global value chains: Empirical evidence from Indian manufacturing firms

This paper examines whether digitalization can be a driver of ‘upgrading’ in global value chains and help developing countries move into higher value-added activities...

Technology Global value chains Manufacturing
Working Paper
Trade liberalization and South African manufacturing: Looking back with data

This paper provides a retrospective assessment of the effects of trade policies on South African manufacturing since the transition to democracy, examining the differences and commonalities in the views of economists in favour of and against an accel...

Trade policy Manufacturing Trade liberalization
Myanmar Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises 2018 Qualitative Study

The purpose of this report is to give a nuanced picture of the SME business environment in Myanmar as a complement to the 2017 MSME quantitative survey conducted within the project ‘ Towards Inclusive Development in Myanmar ’...

SMEs Manufacturing Informal sector
The ins and outs of African industrialization: UNU-WIDER provides open access to a wealth of information

The question ‘why is there so little industrialization in Africa?’ has been a key focus of UNU-WIDER researchers and research partners for the last decade...

Industrialization Poverty Jobs
Rethinking African industrialization on another Africa Industrialization Day

This week I attended the 28 th Africa Industrialization Day at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Even sympathetic readers may reasonably ask, why hold another African Industrialization Day at all?...

Industrialization Structural change Industrial policy
Working Paper
What is the state of the manufacturing sector in Mozambique?

The latest firm survey of Mozambique, the Inquerito ás Indústrias Manufactureiras (IIM) 2017, draws a concerning picture of the manufacturing sector...

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