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Methodology (Quantitative research)
Working Paper
Ancillary Experiments: Opportunities and Challenges

‘Ancillary experiments’ are a new technique whereby researchers use a completed experiment conducted by others to recover causal estimates of a randomized intervention on new outcomes...

Evaluation Methodology (Quantitative research)
Working Paper
Measuring Government Performance in Public Opinion Surveys in Africa: Towards Experiments?

In examining the study of government performance, this paper asks whether field experiments can improve the explanatory precision of results generated by public opinion surveys...

Government accountability Public administration Public goods
From the Editor's Desk (February 2013)

Tony Addison As the snow continues to lie deep across Helsinki, UNU-WIDER is putting the last touches to the ReCom results meeting on ‘aid and the social sectors’, which takes place at Sida in Stockholm on 13 March...

Economic aspects (Industrialization) Econometric models (Economic development) Children
Working Paper
The Porous Dialectic: Experimental and Non-Experimental Methods in Development Economics

This paper provides a survey of six widely used non-experimental methods for estimating the impact of programmes in the context of developing economies (instrumental variables, regression discontinuity, direct matching, propensity score matching, lin...

Economic development Methodology (Quantitative research) Regression analysis
Youth Employment: A Key Issue

Economist Imed Drine recently left UNU-WIDER and headed with his family for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to take up a new position as a senior economist with the Islamic Development Bank...

Methodology (Quantitative research) Infrastructure (Economics) Institutional economics
From The Editor's Desk (December 2012)

Tony Addison This year has rushed by at speed. For UNU-WIDER it’s been a year of big successes. We will have published some 110 working papers by the end of December, up from 96 in 2011 (go here for the latest list)...

Economic aspects (Economic development) Economic aspects (Environment) Climatic changes
What Can Experiments Tell Us About How to Improve Governance?

Rachel M. Gisselquist and Miguel Niño-Zarazúa Over the past decade, randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have become a staple of research in development economics...

Cost effectiveness Experimental design Field experiments
From the Editor's Desk (August 2012)

Tony Addison With this issue, Angle returns refreshed from its Nordic summer break. The sun continues to shine on the Baltic, although it is getting noticeably chillier as we now head into the autumn...

Economic aspects (Environment) Children Climatic changes
Measuring Poverty Over Time

Luc Christiaensen and Lorraine Telfer-Taivainen If a person suddenly becomes poor, for example, due to an unexpected death or illness in the family, they will have a rather different experience and understanding of poverty than someone who has been i...

Children Consumption (Economics) Measurement (Poverty)
Journal Article
Tracking Poverty with Coarse Data: Evidence from South Africa

Part of Journal Special Issue Measuring Poverty Over Time

Measurement (Poverty) Methodology (Poverty) Methodology (Quantitative research)
Journal Article
Small Area Estimation-Based Prediction Methods to Track Poverty: Validation and Applications

Part of Journal Special Issue Measuring Poverty Over Time

Consumption (Economics) Equality and inequality Measurement (Poverty)
Journal Special Issue
Measuring Poverty Over Time

People often move in and out of poverty, and the length of time spent in poverty can vary widely, likely affecting prospects of escaping and staying out of poverty. Current poverty measures do not account for these aspects. Should they?...

Measurement (Poverty) Methodology (Poverty) Methodology (Quantitative research)
From the Editor's Desk (June-July 2012)

Tony Addison I started writing this ‘From the Editor’s Desk’ in Accra, to the sound of an African drum band, preparing for a ceremony to mark the launch of the joint University of Ghana-UNU-WIDER Research and Post-Graduate Teaching ...

Economic aspects (Informal sector (Economics)) Environmental aspects (Economic development) Economic development
Introduction to data analysis using STATA


29 May 2012
Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research, Lusaka, Zambia
Past event
What Does Good Governance Mean?

Rachel M. Gisselquist Almost all major development institutions today say that promoting good governance is an important part of their agendas...

Methodology (Qualitative research) Methodology (Quantitative research) Institutional economics
Working Paper
The Reliability of Small Area Estimation Prediction Methods to Track Poverty

Tracking poverty is predicated on the availability of comparable consumption data and reliable price deflators. However, regular series of strictly comparable data are only rarely available...

Consumption (Economics) Equality and inequality Measurement (Poverty)
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