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Millennium Development Goals
What can we Learn from Popular Representations of Development?

17 October 2013 David Lewis, Dennis Rodgers, and Michael Woolcock When asked why she wrote novels about poverty rather than gather what we would now call ‘hard’ data, the Victorian novelist George Eliot famously responded that ‘a pi...

Economic development Qualitative research methodology Mass media
Tackling the Main Causes of Child Mortality in Developing Countries: Evidence from Non-clinical Interventions

30 October 2013 Miguel Niño-Zarazúa Children have been at the centre of recent global efforts to improve well-being conditions in developing countries...

Children Economic development Health
Working Paper
Determinants of Foreign Aid in Family Planning: How Relevant is the Mexico City Policy?

The Mexico City Policy (MCP) prohibits the United States Agency for International Development from providing aid to international non-governmental organizations that provide abortion-related services...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Econometric models (Economic development) Families
Working Paper
Land, Environment and Climate: Contributing to the Global Public Good

This paper discusses global public goods related to the world’s land resources, their current provision and likely future provision, their potential impacts on the world’s poorest households, as well as prospects for using foreign assista...

Biodiversity conservation Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid
Working Paper
A Review of External Assistance and Aid Effectiveness for Maternal and Child Health: Challenges and Opportunities

This paper primarily focuses on how global funding has supported interventions that have proven to be successful in reducing maternal, newborn, and child mortality around the world...

Children Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic development projects
Inclusive Growth in Africa

24 September 2013 Roger Williamson WIDER Annual Lecture 17 - President Martti Ahtisaari © UNU-WIDER/Alexander Zach Another big weekend for UNU-WIDER...

Economic policy Equality and inequality Structural adjustment (Economic policy)
Aid and our Changing Environment

4 July 2013 Roger Williamson On 4 June 2013 I attended an interesting effort on the part of UNU-WIDER to communicate research results to development policy makers and practitioners...

Agriculture Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid
A New Agenda for a New World

24 June 2013 Minister Gunilla Carlson Like every political agenda, the post-2015 agenda must be firmly based in a reality check...

Economic development Emigration and immigration Free trade
Positioning the Climate Finance in the post-2015 Development Agenda

24 June 2013 Aziz Karimov By the end of 2015, we will see a new global development agenda which will substitute the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)...

Climate change Finance Millennium Development Goals
Good Governance: Is it about Appearance or Action?

27 May 2013 Matt Andrews, Harvard Kennedy School A growing governance agenda and post-2015 ambitions The governance agenda has grown rapidly in the international development community...

Globalization Government accountability International agencies
Development Agenda after 2015: Finishing the Job we have Started

9 May 2013 Andris Piebalgs, EU Commissioner for Development Imagine a world where global poverty is at a record low; growth in Africa—at a record high; EU development aid—unprecedentedly generous...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Education Environment
The Polarized post-2015 Development Puzzle: The Poorest still Fall Behind

23 April 2013 Marikki Stocchetti 2015 will mark a moment of truth for the international community as the era of the Millennium Development agenda (2000-15) comes to an end...

Children Millennium Development Goals Poverty
Sharing for Prosperity

17 April 2013 Minister Heikki Eidsvoll Holmås Economic growth in itself will not end poverty...

Children Democracy Economic growth
Aid and the Social Sectors: Reflections from the Stockholm Results Meeting

17 April 2013 Tony Addison and Miguel Niño-Zarazúa We learnt much from the ReCom Results meeting on 13th March in Stockholm on aid and the social sectors...

Children Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic growth
Taking Inequality into Account in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Rachel M. Gisselquist There is much to commend in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as we approach their target deadline of 2015...

Conflict management Economic development Equality and inequality
We Need to Go to Zero!

Christian Friis Bach A family living in an urban slum in Sonagachi, Kolkata, India...

Equality and inequality Food security Human rights
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