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Natural resources
Book Chapter
Political economy and governance

From the book: Extractive Industries

Natural resources Extractives Political economy
Journal Article
Introduction to special issue on regional growth opportunities

Part of Journal Special Issue Regional Growth Opportunities

South Africa Growth Transformation
Journal Special Issue
Regional Growth Opportunities

This issue contains seven articles addressing the major changes underway in the integration of economies in southern Africa. This special issue is based on the UNU-WIDER project 'Regional growth and development in Southern Africa'...

Growth Industrialization Natural resources
Working Paper
Rowing against the current: Diversification in Africa’s resource-rich economies

The exploitation of natural resources is a huge opportunity, but one that carries considerable risks. Relative prices in resource-exporting economies tend to push them towards economic structures dominated by the resource sector...

Extractive industries Natural resources diversification
Journal Article
Does the Political Resource Curse Affect Public Finance? The Vulnerability of Tax Revenue in Resource-Dependent Countries

Part of Journal Special Issue Fiscal Policy, State Building and Economic Development

taxes Natural resources terms-of-trade shocks
Working Paper
The role of governance and international norms in managing natural resources

The governance of natural resource wealth is widely considered to constitute a key determinant in whether the extraction of natural resources proves to be a blessing or a curse...

Governance Transparency Natural resources
What role for East African hydrocarbons in the global economy post-Paris COP21?

Over the past decade significant hydrocarbon discoveries have been made across East Africa...

Natural resources extractives industry Governance
Working Paper
New industrial policy and the extractive industries

Industrial policy is back. Advocates for industrial policy argue that the important question is not whether such policies should be applied at all, but how to design and implement them...

Natural resources extractives industry Governance
Research Brief
The implications of climate change for the extractive industries Climate change extractives industry Natural resources
Working Paper
The copper sector, fiscal rules, and stabilization funds in Chile: Scope and limits

Historically, Chile has been an economy dominated by mineral and agro-industrial products and subject to frequent external shocks particularly in copper prices...

Fiscal policy Natural resources Wealth
Working Paper
Donor-supported approaches to improving extractives governance: Lessons from Nigeria and Ghana

Donor interest in the extractives sector is based upon the premise that it represents an opportunity to improve a country’s development prospects...

Oil Gas Natural resources
Natural resources, structural change, and industrial development in Africa

Theme: Transformation

This project focuses on three specific areas that impact the pace of structural transformation and job creation in five emerging African natural resources economies: Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

Natural resources Africa Extractive industries
Working Paper
Political economy and governance

This paper reviews the political economy of extractive resources and the associated resources sector governance agenda...

Natural resources Extractives Political economy
Working Paper
Natural resources' impact on government revenues

Motivated by the fact that the taxation of natural resources is both crucial and particularly challenging for developing countries, this paper draws on a unique dataset to produce empirical evidence on two issues pertaining to the fiscal impact of oi...

Taxation Oil Natural resources
Working Paper
Does the political resource curse affect public finance?: The vulnerability of tax revenue in resource-rich countries

This paper explores the extent to which government revenue is affected by external shocks, and whether these effects are different for resource-rich as compared with non-resource-rich countries...

taxes Natural resources terms-of-trade shocks
Working Paper
On the mobilization of domestic resources in oil countries: The role of historical factors

This paper investigates the sources of variability in the mobilization of domestic tax revenue in oil-producing countries...

Tax Natural resources History (Economics)
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