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Panel analysis
Working Paper
Poverty Dynamics and Programme Graduation from Social Protection: A Transitional Model for Mexico’s Oportunidades Programme

Social protection programmes have emerged as one of the most important anti-poverty policy strategies in developing countries. Their effects on poverty and well-being have been widely studied...

Panel analysis Poverty Poverty measurement
Working Paper
Exporting and Productivity: The Role of Ownership and Innovation in the Case of Vietnam

In this paper, we investigate the relationship between exporting and productivity in the case of Vietnam using an extensive firm level panel dataset for the period 2005-11...

Business enterprises Commerce Organizational behavior
Book Chapter
Aid Effectiveness: Opening the Black Box

Controversy over the aggregate impact of foreign aid has focused on reduced form estimates of the aid-growth link. The causal chain, through which aid affects developmental outcomes including growth, has received much less attention...

Capital investments Economic development Health
Working Paper
Evaluation of Non-Governmental Development Organizations

Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are now widely used in development economics. However, their use is often resisted by non-governmental development organizations...

Economic development projects Nonprofit organizations Panel analysis
Working Paper
Determinants of Foreign Aid in Family Planning: How Relevant is the Mexico City Policy?

The Mexico City Policy (MCP) prohibits the United States Agency for International Development from providing aid to international non-governmental organizations that provide abortion-related services...

Economic assistance and foreign aid Econometric models (Economic development) Families
Journal Article
Industry Switching in Developing Countries

Firm turnover (i.e., firm entry and exit) is a well-recognized source of sector-level productivity growth. In contrast, the role and importance of firms that switch activities from one sector to another is not well understood...

Industrial organization (Economic theory) Industrial productivity Labour economics
Journal Article
Firm Exit and Armed Conflict in Colombia

Part of Journal Special Issue Entrepreneurship and Conflict

Organizational behavior Panel analysis Wages
Journal Article
Self-employment and Conflict in Colombia

Part of Journal Special Issue Entrepreneurship and Conflict

Conflict management Income Labour market
Research Brief
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and China’s Agriculture Sector

China is the world’s largest developing country and its huge population requires a similarly large agricultural sector to sustain it...

Air pollution Agricultural innovations Agriculture
Research Brief
The Supply Side of Aid

In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 interest in the supply side of the donor equation has been rekindled...

Business cycles Economic assistance and foreign aid Financial crisis
From the Editor’s Desk (September 2012)

Tony Addison Mid-September finds UNU-WIDER very busy preparing for our big conference on climate change and development policy that takes place later this month, as well as our WIDER Annual Lecture by Lant Pritchett of Harvard University (you can als...

Air pollution Agricultural innovations Agriculture
Measuring Poverty Over Time

Luc Christiaensen and Lorraine Telfer-Taivainen If a person suddenly becomes poor, for example, due to an unexpected death or illness in the family, they will have a rather different experience and understanding of poverty than someone who has been i...

Children Consumption Poverty measurement
Research Brief
Does Aid Promote Development?

Aid has had positive effect on growth and poverty reduction on average in the long term. There is no evidence of aid systematically increasing infl ation or reducing the amount of credit available to private industry...

Capital investments Economic development Health
Working Paper
The Decarbonization of China's Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the major greenhouse gas (GHG) emission sources in China. This paper aims to identify the key factors that have led to rising GHG emissions in China’s agricultural sector in recent decades...

Agricultural innovations Agriculture Air pollution
Journal Article
Benefits of Formalization: Evidence from Vietnamese Manufacturing SMEs

Based on unique panel data consisting of both formal and informal firms, this paper uses a matched double difference approach to examine the relationship between legal status and firm level outcomes in micro, small and medium manufacturing enterprise...

Business enterprises Entrepreneurship Informal sector
Journal Article
Firm-Level Corruption in Vietnam

This article uses panel data from a survey of small- and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam to uncover which firms pay bribes and which do not...

Informal sector Econometrics Entrepreneurship
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