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Book Chapter
Poverty, Inequality, and Prices in Post-Apartheid South Africa

From the book: Growth and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Equality and inequality Inflation Macroeconomics
Working Paper
Coffee price volatility and intra-household labour supply: Evidence from Vietnam

Volatility in commodity markets poses an acute risk to farmers in developing countries who rely on cash crop agriculture...

Households Income Labour supply
Working Paper
Falling oil prices and sustainable energy transition: Towards a multilateral agreement on fossil-fuel subsidies

Fossil-fuel subsidies are economically inefficient and harmful for the environment yet efforts to phase them out at the national and international levels have not been effective...

International trade Nonrenewable natural resources Prices
Journal Article
Agricultural Commodity Price Shocks and Their Effect on Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Commodity price shocks are an important type of external shock and are often cited as a problem for economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa...

Agriculture Economic growth Macroeconomics
Working Paper
The recent evolution of consumption poverty in Rwanda

This paper analyses the evolution of consumption poverty in Rwanda between 2001/1 and 2010/11, using three comparable good quality household surveys analysed along with detailed price data. Rwanda achieved impressive growth over this period...

Household survey Poverty Prices
From the Editor's Desk (September-October 2015)

UNU-WIDER had a busy September. We celebrated our 30 th birthday with some 600 people at our three-day conference on ‘Mapping the Future of Development Economics’ here in Helsinki. It was a great occasion...

Agriculture Business enterprises Capital investments
Malawi's Farm Subsidy Benefits the Poor but Doesn't Come Cheap

Malawi’s farm input subsidy benefits the poor and can be part of a viable national development strategy. Agriculture is Malawi’s main economic sector...

Agriculture Economic equilibrium Public expenditures
The Political Economy of Food Price Policy - An Interview with Per Pinstrup-Andersen

In this interview, Per Pinstrup-Andersen talks about the international project which has culminated in the book Food Price Policy in an Era of Market Instability . (Oxford University Press, 2015) More about the project ...

Agricultural industries Food security Food supply
From the Editor's Desk (May 2015)

May is always a hopeful month. With 18 hours of daylight we are all perky—especially the seagulls who swarm around Helsinki harbour. Here at UNU-WIDER the communications team is busy with the new website which will roll out later in the year...

Agricultural industries Economic assistance and foreign aid Food security
Policy seminar
Food price policy in an era of market instability - a political economy analysis
4 March 2015
India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, India
Past event
How Can Governments Better Respond to Global Food Price Fluctuations?

Much of UNU-WIDER’s research in the last few years was initiated under the 2010-13 work programme on the triple crisis of finance, food, and climate change. The financial crisis from 2008 onwards has received massive worldwide attention...

Economic policy Structural adjustment (Economic policy) Food security
From the Editor's Desk (March 2015)

I’m writing this editorial from Dar es Salaam, while at the 20 th anniversary workshop for Tanzania’s REPOA , one of our research partners...

Capitalism Economic assistance and foreign aid Economic policy
Journal Article
When do relative prices matter for measuring income inequality?: The case of food prices in Mozambique

Changes in relative prices of commodities consumed in different shares across income groups can be expected to alter real income differentials between these groups...

Equality and inequality Income Index numbers (Economics)
Research Brief
Policy processes and the global food price crisis 2007-08

The recent food price crisis and the responses of the policy makers in developing countries provide an unprecedented opportunity to analyse the policy processes in these countries...

Accounting Aeronautics Agriculture
Working Paper
When do Relative Prices Matter for Measuring Income Inequality?: The Case of Food Prices in Mozambique

Changes in relative prices of commodities consumed in different shares across income groups can be expected to alter real income differentials between these groups...

Equality and inequality Income distribution Index numbers (Economics)
From the Editor’s Desk (February 2015)

February found UNU-WIDER busy sending out Calls for Papers on topics ranging from social protection to clean energy to discrimination and affirmative action. You can find them here . There are more to come...

Agricultural industries Climate change Economic assistance and foreign aid
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