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Book Chapter
Poverty, International Migration and Asylum: Introduction

From the book: Poverty, International Migration and Asylum

Emigration and immigration Economic aspects (Emigration and immigration) Minorities
Policy Brief
Poverty, International Migration and Asylum

This WIDER Policy Brief examins issues such as liberalizing migration policies; protecting refugees in regions of origin; addressing the root causes of migration and refugee flows; influencing perceptions of the costs and benefits of migration; and d...

Equality and inequality Labor mobility Poverty
Working Paper
Asylum Policy in the West: Past Trends, Future Possibilities

This article examines the policy responses of Western countries in the realm of asylum. We begin by explaining the reasons why the asylum issue has made its way up the political agendas of liberal democratic countries in recent years...

Emigration and immigration Public welfare Refugees
Working Paper
Asylum Migration and Implications for Countries of Origin

The purpose of this paper is to synthesize what is known about the influence of asylum migration on countries of origin. It combines an analysis of data, a review of the literature and empirical examples from our own research...

Economic development Emigrant remittances Emigration and immigration
War, Hunger, and Displacement: Weak States and Vulnerable Economies : Humanitarian Emergencies in Developing Countries

Since the end of the cold war, the number of civil wars in developing countries has escalated to the point where they are the most significant source of human suffering in the world today...

International relations Malnutrition Refugees
War, Hunger, and Displacement: The Origins of Humanitarian Emergencies : War and Displacement in Developing Countries

Civil wars in developing countries are amongst the most significant sources of human suffering in the world today...

Humanitarian assistance International relations Refugees
Book Chapter
Political Causes of Humanitarian Emergencies

From the book: War, Hunger, and Displacement

Ethnic relations Human rights Refugees
Working Paper
Political Sources of Humanitarian Emergencies

This diagnostic study explores the political conditions that are associated with humanitarian emergencies. It employs a risk rather than cause-effect methodology. Humanitarian emergencies are not random events...

Ethnic relations Human rights Refugees
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